The ghost-killing gizmo that could change the world

We desperately, desperately want one of these – a ghost / devil repellent from Thailand. We can’t do any better than the description that is offered on the contraption’s website – it says…

“You or someone may have experience with ghost or devil after bought new second hand house from the former owner. Some houses may have bad spirit inside which will interfere your daily life unhappy and frighten your children. Finally many of you leave away the house and find a new home. We have a solution for you, "Trisaksri Ghost Repeller". Just place this device in side your house and switch ON. All ghost and devil will leave away your home and won't come back again. Now who run away, You or ghost ? Save money in finding a new home.”

We’re not completely sure but it seems to work by videoing invisible ghosts and devils before turning its ‘wave killer engine’ on them, blasting them off to hell. All that for just $259 – what a bargain.

The FAQs should clear up any more concerns you’ve got about this miraculous object…

Q:  What about my house has a good spirit of our ancestor protect my family, would this machine kill their spirit ?
A:  The machine can distinguist the phenomenon signal input, good spirit and bad spirit has its characteristic, the device will ignor or skip the good spirit.

Q:  What happen if we unplug the machine at later time, how can we sure the ghost won't come back again with more angry ?
A:  The machine is smart than ghost, fear and not return. You did not battle with ghost, the machine fight with ghost for you.

Q:  How can i know my house has ghost ?
A:  We can not tell you, you are the only person face this experience yourself. For e.g. having bad dream or nightmare every day, some abnormal noise in the night, fear in the night, etc.

So what’s stopping you? You can pay via Paypal in case you were wondering.

[Robert Popper]


  • ladylovesit
    No need for one of these in our humble abode. We all just fart a lot in our house, this keeps all evil spirits away.
  • The B.
    Me have one dees now for while, me love it long time.
  • acecatcher3
    hows ur man flu andy
  • -=Mike H.
    Taken from site: Announcement ! Since the 5th March 2009 we launch this product, we have received a lot of complaint where you can read the comments on various forum on the internet. Most people against this product which made us unhappy, so we will wait about 2 more weeks if the feedback is remain negative we may decide to terminate Ghost repellent out of our product ranges. Herewith, we apologise for the uncomfortable sensitive caused to you at this time. Looks like a few people (idiots) aren't to happy with their purchases, the voices inside their head are still there! You must be a nutcase/numpty/desparate/all of the above to buy one of these. What's that you've found on eBay luv? A Alien communicator? get a bid in there!
  • -=Mike H.
    "our next project: Universe Adventure Telescope" ...WTF?
  • acecatcher3
    @mike - if these guys are able to sell about me and u do that wireless headphone idea of urs and we can split profit??
  • Adam2050
    Anyone tried the ghostbusters?
  • WantonD
    I ain't afraid of no ghost.
  • -=Mike H.
    Sorry ace, the wireless/noise cancelling headphone idea has already taken off. I showed my idea to the Dragons, and they absolutely loved the idea of being able to cancel out the constant nagging drone of the Mrs, so much so, they all pitched in with £100'000 although, I did fail to mention the fact that all I do is cut the cable of a pair of shit headphones from ALDI, do you think they'll find out before I squander their fortunes on yachts and Ferraris? Fuck it, anyone fancy a catermaran?
  • Bob M.
    Ray Parker jnr. a bit short of cash. I'm sure he'll do some dodgy mix of his song to scare away the ghosts.
  • good g.
    Iv'e got one and it works really well! I havent seen a bad ghost or devil yet!!!
  • raptorcigs w.
    piss off rappy

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