The future's bright, the future's air-powered

Scientists are full of shit. How long have we been waiting for flying cars, moon boots, jet packs and personal rocket ships? Forever, that's how long. Instead of satisfying the dreams of mankind, the fools loaf about fusing white and brown bread together. Like that's going to see us establishing a lunar colony anytime soon.

Case in point - MDI, a Luxembourgish business that designs compressed-air engine vehicles. Instead of bothering to build cars that fly through the air, they're wasting everyone's time building cars that run on the stuff. Boo. At least they're having a crack at something that looks like it's from the future.

The AirPod. Expect a call from Apple anytime now.

That's the AirPod, that. It looks like a yellow submarine on wheels, but it's a three people car powered by compressed air. Here's the science part - electricity compresses large amounts of air into small tanks, which is then slowly released to drive the engine pistons. Ok, so it only goes 40 mph and a full tank barely gets you 130 miles, but it's cheap to run, inexpensive to build and makes you look like you've just rolled out of Mos Eisley. Nice, but they've forgot to add the laser cannons.

If you fancy one, they're expected to go into production in Europe and India next year.

New Air Powered Car Looks Freakin' Weird [EcoGeek]

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  • Vince V.
    3 people fit in that thing? Pretty amazing!

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