The Friday Poll - which is the worst mobile service provider?

Photo by kozumel on Flickr. Some rights reserved. Another day, another mobile phone company tries to hoodwink customers by seemingly redefining the meaning of the word "contract". Over the Summer we saw Three cancel free roaming, Orange run around like headless chickens doused in petrol, Virgin Mobile quietly change their charges and last week, T-Mobile announced they're going to screw customers into the ground.

Mobiles have been commonplace for a decade, and most of us have owned a bagful of handsets on contracts with numerous providers. Is there any one of these rapscallions that has taken your eyes out time and time again, or are they all rotten to the core? If you've tried several, which company would you gladly see thrown down an abandoned mineshaft and buried alive in in a mix of animal excrement and onion gravy?

We really wanna see those fingers, because it's Bitterwallet's very occasional Friday Poll - yes, you're very welcome.


  • Tosspot
    Surely this poll should actually be titled "Which provider are you currently with". They're ALL crap. They promise the earth, but deliver shit. Roll on evolution, when we all communicate with the mind and can get rid of these pesky contraptions.
  • SJT
    I switched from 3 to Orange this year. At the end of my contract I'm going straight back. Orange are terrible!
  • Tony
    If the mobile companies have any chance to improve people who have a criticism should state why they think a company is terrible. In my experience Orange main issue is usually with the charges that appear on my bill without any explanation as to what they are for. However, compared to O2 and Vodafone their network is the most reliable. When I have called their support team is usually well trained and clear things up quickly. I feel that they actually value me as a customer. Hopefully they will get iPhone soon.
  • Geoff J.
    oh look, another mobile phone post. FFS
  • Paul S.
    Good point Geoff, well spotted. Andy, can you knock something out about Apple?
  • CompactDstrxion
    I'm on T-Mobile and 3 were far, far worse. They force you to use their 3G network as they pay roaming fees to other operators 2G networks. End result being your phone constantly switches between networks (because their network is crap) and calls get dropped here there everywhere...
  • me
    Like how virgin have only got 1% of the vote. Tbh I quite like virgin. Ive hear 3 are the worst but have no experience myself with them so have voted orange as crap signal seemed to follow me whereever I went when i was on their network.
  • Captain P.
    Virgin are pretty decent. The worst by far in my experience are 02 through the Carphone Warehouse...awful!
  • Tom
    Glad to see this Micropoll service is working so well: Website Polls Powered By MicroPoll Now where is Essex on this map?
  • goon
    what happened to the usual yearly worst company poll ? also orange are shit. customer service esp. vodafone have been very good and helpful and ive been with them 6 years now without any real problem.
  • Bodger B.
    Been with Vodafone for about 3 years, great really, never had any problems. Changed to O2 so I could get the iPhone, seem ok. Not been with O2 for absolutely ages, never had any problems back in the day.
  • Gary G.
    You know its been a good shit when it runs the full length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the away fans.
  • Alex B.
    '3' Mobile has been my worst customer service phone company. Recently I signed up for a mobile phone & mobile broadband plan, After 1 hour it was approved after they did a security check on me and even called my accountant to verify that I was a real person, Never again.
  • Jimbo
    3 mobile are the worst company i have ever dealt with - i would even urge my worst enemy not to use them. Their customer service staff are rude, incompetent and do not have the skills or knowledge to solve any problems. Unless your issue fits exactly into their scripted answers you will simply go round in circles. I've had an ongoing issue relating to a faulty handset for 7 months......7 months!! Every call to their customer services takes at least an hour and results in me having to explain my complaint from the beginning every time. If you have a complaint, don't think it will be resolved by speaking to someone senior - apparently i've spoken to the most senior person in their call centre, and he was the rudest and least helpful of them all..... For those attracted by their cheap prices, if you have an issue as I do, you will have to carry on paying whilst you go on being ignored. Spend a bit more and go with a more reliable service provider! 3 mobile are utterly terrible - please do not buy anything from them! That is all. J
  • David
    Here's what i don't understand, why are Vodafone there with the lowest bad feedback score. I mean, they're diabolical, are most of these votes even based on experience? Just because they have the word "fone" in the name doesn't suggest they might be even close to good. The are AWFUL! First off, Customer service: They're always rammed, what does that tell you? "we're currently in a queue" "our analysts are all busy" WITH OTHER COMPLAINTS! The you get that analyst that can't be fucked anymore. "hi you're through to gary, i hate my job. I don't want to help you. But i am required by company regulations to say that i will" If you don't get that, they haven't got a clue, Infact i was on the phone to an analyst that proudly admitted that he wasn't with the company he worked for. He was with 02, now that is hilarious :') Even the employee's know vodafone suck ass. Ever since i joined my service has been fucking awful, It involved trips around my office and my home to find a good phone connection/ 3g connection. Then when you call, "prehaps it is your phone" "maybe it's a faulty sim" "try another phone" Makes no difference, "we'll send out a new sim" makes no difference. FACE THAT YOU'RE CONNECTION IS BOLLOCKS! Seriously, i am out to destroy there people, And i'll tell you why, I was with Virgin Mobile, Fucking hell they had crap customer service, The 3 times i had to call them, Yes i remember how many. I got pretty bad customer service, And my outcome was not what i wanted. Which was a new phone, since my other phone i lost, And i had insurance, Well i took too long to claim it. I was angry, and got rid of them immediately. I've been with vodafone for 2 months now. I've made more phonecalls to customer service than i've made to anyone else. I phone them daily. Hourly in some cases. If it used up my minutes, that'd be what my tariff is spent on. They do nothing to help you. They go on and on with some solution that might provide a temporary fix, Then when you can them again, they give you the same one. I think the nicest thing they've ever done was move my bill to a different date because i simply couldn't afford it. phonecalls with my friends and my girlfriend include 10-20 minutes of awful background noise, and reception that is so bad that it's like listening to a to skipping DVD texts take hours to go through. Sometimes minutes granted, but in more cases hours. and 3g, is almost never there. Don't bother making calls whilst walking, you will certainly come across an area of no connection and be cut off. and if you get your phone stolen, i promise you. You're fucked. Crime reference number or not, Insurance or not. You're FUCKING. DON'T take out insurance with them. take it with your bank. Because they will NOT replace your phone. and if you they do you're either very lucky, they where in a damn good mood, or you're a very persuasive person. But still, whats the point in that nice new phone if you can't even use it. Join vodafone you're practically bound to a prison sentence of 18-24 months. enjoy :)

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