The flat to rent that offers plenty of Spaced

If you're having trouble getting laid, we can't help you with your appearance, personality, political persuasion or halitosis. What we can help you with is landing one of the coolest goddamn flats in the world. Avid Bitterwallet reader Pete has let us know about a two bedroom flat in this property that is now on the market to rent:

Bitterwallet - Spaced house to rent!

What do you mean, it looks like a knackered pile of bricks? Look a little closer:

Bitterwallet - Simon Pegg from Spaced

Yes! It's the home of Spaced, one of the greatest television shows ever. Fact. Rent it now and never be stuck for a chat-up line ever again.


  • Mr G.
    Yeah, a real turn-on for all the girls - despite the fact that Pegg is about as much of a fanny-magnet as my lawn mower and everyone who ever watched Spaced is about as attractive as John Prescott's used pantyliners. It's a fucking cult comedy - no hot babe ever watched a cult comedy, or understood any comedy.
  • james d.
    i'm so glad I dont live in london, I pay only slightly more than that a month and I have a house, and it's nice.
  • Fatal E.
  • wonky h.
    wonder if there are any urban foxes?
  • hippy
    if i was a rich man, la la la la la la la la la la la la la Id have the flat from space tv show, if i was a wealthy man. If the space (get it) is anything like it is in the tv show its very small for the money your paying. Buy still i want it, just because i could act out the tv show (yeah im that sad, i liked the show) but i bet the neighbours are dicks! My mortgage is only £75 more a month and i get a 3 bedroom house with front and back gardens. But a tv show wasnt filmed in it, unless you count the porn i done with myself and my Real Doll.
  • kokoda
    Am i the only one to appreciate this! The flat in Spaced! Thats so cool. Are the flats inside the real ones or was that on a set?
  • william
    The flats inside are made of cardboard of course.
  • Tim B.
    £425 a WEEK?!?! I pay less rent than that a MONTH for my house!
  • major b.
    i especially like the boarded up window look next door, how bohemian! southern gobshites, you could get this for £50 a week up north

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