The flash drive monster showdown that's eating up our day

We’ve just spent slightly longer than we probably should have spent at the Verbatim Championship site. Put together by the recording media company of the same name, it’s kind of like Robot Wars, but with virtual robots made from flash drives.

First off, you choose a handful of flash drives with which you want to make your ‘monster’ before pitting them against someone else’s efforts. Then sit back and watch the battle, helping your monster out with some power moves or whatever the fuck they’re called when things start getting a bit messy.

Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 11.09.53

That up there is our monster – he’s called Mof. He’s taken a series of hammerings over the past couple of hours but he’s getting stronger. Perhaps we shouldn’t have just randomly chosen his components and given some actual thought to it. Ah, fuck it... if he doesn't win a fight by tea time, we'll pack it in.


  • Jo
  • Alan
    Must not waste my time... what - 24 matches already!?!
  • kman
    site doesnt work for me.
  • Andreea
    Ahhhh!!! I'm loving it! It's so addictive :D
  • Rich
    Best post of the year...ever!
  • Phill
    agreed! awesome, my little bastard's kicking some ass! :)
  • Nob
    I've beaten a VAG and a TIT. Good to see other BW users on there.
  • br04dyz
    took on the last boss monster - cheating scumbag! Anyone want to see if we can hack the site and a load of us kicks its scrawney ass.....what.....its a game? huh!>>!>!
  • Zleet
    How can the last two ranked fighters have 100% stats across the board when stat increases seem to stop once two of your attributes hit 100? I smell cheaters.

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