The eyebrow-raising headline on page 3

Note to local newspapers - take care in composing your headlines, because you might give entirely the wrong impression before your readers check the details:

Bitterwallet - racism fine headline


  • Chicken M.
    Why are people in local papers ALWAYS angry.
  • Joff
    Chicken Melon - See for more evidence of this
  • Dick
    @ the KFC guy. Just don't pay. The company will not take him to court.
  • bobinio
    "Tina struggles to digest her food" Don't fucking look like it to me....
  • Zleet
    Beacon Lough is two minutes walk from me (as is the QE hospital) and to call it a shit hole would be giving it to much credit. When I pass through it looks like a scene out of Threads, like the aftermath of a nuclear war sponsored by Primark. Coming from that there , the fact the person had enough of a vocabulary to insult someone and actually went to a hospital rather than calling them witches and trying to burn the place down means he should in fact be applauded (so in has case racial abuse is indeed fine).

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