The EU Business Register - spam, a scam and a grand

Avid Bitterwallet reader Chris runs his own company and recently received an unsolicited email from the EU Business Register. Realising that international trade is the way of the world these days, Chris considered the invite to join the very official-sounding register and opened the application form:
Bitterwallet - EU Business Register

We are compiling information for the EU BUSINESS REGISTER. We wish to be able to inform other EU companies about your activities. In order to list your company on the Internet for EU Businesses, just fill in and return the form.

It seemed a very straight forward process from an authentic-sounding organisation, until Chris read the small print. And it really is quite microscopic:

Bitterwallet - EU Business Register


Ah. The form doesn't require any bank details which makes it easy to fill out and sign, so we'd love to hear what tactics these jokers use to come hunting for their money. And they are jokers - spamming businesses with details of non-descript services and failing to mention it costs up to a grand a year, except in print so small you'd have to be Tom Thumb to read it.

Have you had any dealings with the EU Business Register? Let us know in the comments below or email [email protected]


  • whoochec
    old scam with new facepaint.
  • Phil
    Don't think I've seen this one in particular, but we get regular letters from similar companies. Also worth pointing out, that usually somewhere in the small print there's a clause stating that the agreement is governed by the laws of Mexico or some other random country.
  • Tom
    Nothing new here, been going on for years.....move along
  • Cheesey
    I imagine they use UK based scumbag Debt Collection Agencies to pursue for money - you know rats like Mackenzie Hall, Capquest etc etc Why not have some fun and fill in some false details?
  • Aggravated
    YES, I am currently battling with these folks. Seeing the 'free updated listing' in the top right corner of this form, I sent it back without really even thinking twice about it. I just assumed it was something our company had done in the past. Now, they are determined to make us pay despite my sending a formal cancellation. The worst part is that they give you 14 days to cancel your contract after they receive your form, but you don't hear anything back from them for upwards of 3 weeks. Then the third week they send you an invoice without ever having confirmed services with you. Also, we are a US company and their invoice is asking for EUROS. Absolutely ridiculous. We will not be paying, I have reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. Any advice on further action we should be taking is most appreciated.
  • james
    Don't take any action. They are a bunch of jokers. Every year we get printed CDs and brochures with our company details in and a bill for the above amount. We have never agreed or signed anything but they obviously send it out to every company they can, then invoices and hope that someone might pay. The chances of them taking this further are nil. (well perhaps another demand or two)
  • David
    Funnily enough, received this same spam email 5 mins ago.... tempted to fill it in and see what we get....
  • whoochec
    It would be great if you filled it in with the details of the VAT office and the details of your dildo wholesale business, or would the tory headquarters be better... what's that address again >:)
  • Shooter M.
    @ Aggravated: "Any advice on further action we should be taking is most appreciated." How 'bout reading the form before signing?
  • Zep
    I have had a number of complaints from clients who have fallen for these offerings from EU Business Register/European City Guide - none of my clients have paid a penny nor should anyone else.
  • John
    Hi Paul We were just about to be conned until we googled the address and found your story. You have just saved us over 1,ooo euros. Thanks. NB they are still demanding payments.
  • H.K. H.
    Some while ago I got the invitation from these people to list our company in the EU business register. I paid no attention at first to it as it was nothing that I thought would be of importance to us. The invitations kept coming and I finally filled one out as it was to be free. A month later I got a an invoice in the mail to transfer 995.00 euros to International Directories Group LTD. in Riga. The address they show is in Spain (Of coruse a drop box address) The address on the invoice is in Utrecht in the Netherlands and the company is registeredi in Charlestown Nevis, West Indies. Safely spread all over so tracking them is difficult. Most scammers get away with what they are doing, especially if they are clever like these people. The government, police, FBI are not very interested to do something about them or any other spammers. Of course we will not sent a payment to them, but if you have sent your payment it's gone. In the meantime they go on collecting. If you have been a victim and want to touch base my e-mail is [email protected]
  • Sunny
    Can they take any legal action if we do not pay them. I wrote to them that they are a scam and asking them to take out any company information from their website.
  • more q.
    [...] blog is not the only one to raise the alarm. Here is another warning. And yet another [...]
  • mas
    i just want to know what will be the reaction if the complaint is forwarded to european union for such spams creating bad impression of EU council being Spain a member of EU.
  • Joan
    I have just saved over US$1,500.00. I got an email as below please find out it. The EU Business Register – they are a scam and spam. Thanks to all.
  • Pavel
    I've just got the same e-mail, thanks for all for saving money. The EU Business Register – they are a scam and spam.
  • Albin
    I got that invoice today, as i filled in the form I received on email a month ago (I also thought it was for free and didn't notice the charge of €990 in the fine print ). I called them and asked them to cancel the whole thing but of course they say that it can't be done and that I have got to pay - of course I won't. There has to be some law to help us in these situation. I run my business in Sweden, but it has to be some internatinal law, or EU law helping us out? Well I am not a law-person, if anyone knows what is the best action for me, feel free to send a mesage at [email protected]
  • Robert L.
    Our company is called Global Business Register Limited. We are legally registered in Ireland and our business involves the selling and distribution of official company information that is sourced from the national company registers oround Europe. We are an official distributor for the EBR (European Business Register). EBR an official EU organisation, based in Brussels, involved in the integration of business registers across Europe. ( We would wish to advise your readers that our company should not be confused with either World Company Register or World Business Directory. We have no association whatsoever with either and wish to clearly state that we do not condone in any way the activities of these organisations. It is free to use our service to search for company information and should you wish to order an official document on a company there is a small fee associated with that. We do not offer to include any company in a directory and charge fee for it. If anyone would like further information I would be very happy to help them with their query.
  • steve w.
    i also recieved an email and filled in the application as were mislead in believing updating details free of charge, however im now getting letters of additional costs plus court proceedings?? i have emailed the company and have asked for all there full company registration number here in Spain so i can file an official complaint but never get a response, Can they legally take me to court???? is anyone else haveing the same problem, any help would be gratefull.
  • Neil L.
    Another take on the register scam is the European Institute for Economy and Commerce. We have recently been granted a couple of trademarks by the legitimate IPO in the UK. Today I received a demand for a £479.75 ;'registration fee' from these w***ers who are supposedly based at 65 Avenue Louise in Brussels BE1050, Belgium. In the small print they fess up to the fact that registration is not obligatory but I wonder how many fall for this scam without realising? I've had other stuff from the same address since I set my own firm up in 2004. At the time I was working in Brussels a lot so checked out the address one day. It just appears to be a residential apartment.
  • Monika
    I received this e-mail just today. There is also another way of checking this kind of e-mails - files attached, as they're usually PDFs. By pressing Ctrl F together You can easily find word EUR - the document will show you all words having EUR in it. Besides I always check the companies on the internet, especially foreign ones and especially those wanting something from me. Thanks to it I found your helpful comments. Greetings from Poland to you all!
  • common s.
    Just don't pay them, they are stuppid scammers and can't legally get money from anyone.
  • Marilena
    I work for a society and 3 months ago we received too the subscription toEU Business Register, and after receiving invoices and reminders that naturally we won't pay, we received a from thema communication which said that if we won't pay, they will take a legal action against us. Will they really take legal actions or not??? Thanks to all!
  • brigita
    Dear all, The EU Business story started last Nov. with my too late cancellation and a lot of letters demanding to pay. Today I received a call from them. They told me they would take us to court to West Indies. Do they have any power to do so?
  • Helen K.
    I made the mistake of signing up for what I thought was a free listing on an EU Bsiness Register. Since then we have been plagued with daily faxes demanding money for a years listing. The waste of paper is appauling. I have tried phoning Roxanne - the name on the bottom of the faxes but the number on the fax does not work. I have asked my phone company to look into blocking their number from our fax line. I also intend writing to the Dutch Embassy to tell them to deal with this time and resource wasting nuisance which appears to have blighted numerous companies.
  • nicole
    I have also had experience with this company, and once I received the invoice for nearly $1000 Euro, I did a google search and found all the poor feedback on their business dealings, and advice on how to handle. They then start sending e-mails threatening legal action, which I ignored. The best way in handling these e-mails is to simply ignore, and they eventually go away. It does take a while, but they get the hint after a couple of months. Do not write back, do not ring and do not e-mail. They will go away and I guess look for more victims. The funny thing is that for the year 2010 - 2011 they have invited me to subscribe again !!
  • nicole
    They will not take legal action - they just keep threatening. They started writing me a year and a half ago with their invoice - I have not heard from them for over a year. Do Not Pay - Do Not Stresss Do not write - Do not ring Just ignore Them TOTALLY!! as if they don't exist...and never did
  • Girish T.
    We received mail from eu business services to update our database. We (many people) receive such kind of requests & are always free of cost. Because such updation helps them to creat big data base. Also there was no written anywhere that this is paid advt. So we sent filled information. After two months, we received invoice of 900 euros !! after we complained them, they shown us very thin lined paragraph below this invoice ( which is not at readable in regular size ) where it was mentioned about paying 900 euro charges. Now they are harashing us by sending regular emails, reminders by post & claiming that they will take action against our company. This is really terible. I have seen on internet that eu business guide cheated some other companies also. Can you please guide us what we should do & what is legality in this matter. Can they really have power to take some action legally ?
  • Markus V.
    We got caught too - thought it is a free listing and after some weeks an invoice for about Euro 1.000,-- came. We ignored it - now they start charging interest. I will ignore them as others did - was anybody ever forced legally to pay ? Any help is appreciated
  • Milissa G.
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  • security g.
  • Patrick
    We were also caught thinking it was a Free Listing and now they demanding payment with many emails and threats of legal action. I refused to pay and will not pay and told them to go legal if they want to. I also googled the address and found these stories. Thanks Paul.
  • Paul
    Any of you who paid must be blind and above all stupid and forgot to engage brain before signing. I searched just for fun and found this site and I can not beleive the morons out there getting caught up in this. It is along the lines of the viagra and mail order brides and of how to enlarge your private parts etc etc etc. You have a filter system on your computer which allows you to send to junk anything you choose. Today I chose!
  • senorluz
    The other sister one to watch for it a Trade Show Registry out of Austria. Same scam. If you signed up, stand tall. They will go away. They work on percentages, if 20% of the people they threaten cave, they do quite well.
  • Mendy
    One of our employees by an act of innocence, signed their form. Then we got the demand for payment – after cheking with the guy, he told us that when he filled in the form there was no indication for payment and he was sure it is an official organization of the EU. We have wrote to a "Ms Anne" by email, telling her that we do not want their services and that the document was filled in by error and it is basically false. But she kept sending emails with payment demands. Till we really got annoyed with it and told her that we're blocking her email. That's what we did and I'm consulting with our lawyer now about this situation. If they do take legal action against us, we'll do the same against them. I think we will apply to the Dutch Embassy and to the EU High Commissioner too, in order to notify them with this situation. If anyone has any advise in this matter, we'll be highly thankful.
  • Ray
    Yes, I signed up because they have a similar name and logo of a free service I have dealt with for a couple of years. This one, though, isn't. Yes, I got the 995 Euro demand and a photocopy of the document I signed. Interestly, both letter and aggressive email [suggesting you might as well pay now or there'll be more added] over 4 weeks after I had sent the form in. I immediately emailed and cancelled. Was simply given the quasi legan reply. Then I checked thie web page and could only find my business by typing in the business name. No other links had been set up. I saved the links showing the failures and emailed them to say there were no links. Their reply next day showed scree grabs of "proof" there were link. And a couple were now there, but one wasn't and still isn't there. The site doesn't work, they have given me false information so they are not reputable. The only way they can get your cash is to take you to court. Can you inabine how any one of us could tear them to bits? Would they spend all that time any money to persue someon? All the other sites I've seen say there's apparantly never been a legal prosecution. They work on fear; I have gone through the panic stage, iIhave one very deatailed leter if they send another invoice, then I shall return all their letters unopend and un read and delete all thir emails, unread, too.
  • Paula
    Hi an update on what I said previously - I just telephoned Office of Fair Trading 08457 224499 they told me to ring Action Fraud 0300 123 2040 (National Fraud Government Agency) they work on behalf of the police London Met - if enough people complain they will look into it. I gave them this web address and to told them to look at this blog. They told me NOT TO HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH THE COMPANY AT ALL (different advice from Consumers Advice) - They said the company's next stages could be to threaten with Debt Collectors but these too will be Alias's of the same company. I suggest everyone rings this Action Fraud 0300 123 2040 to report it - the more the merrier! And ignore the emails. Action Fraud will give you a password and a Case number so you can add to your report if need be. Hope this helps everyone from any further stress its causing cheers Paula
  • claire
    I cant believe what an idiot I was, I was posted the Eu Business Register form in an envelope with thick blue stipes with priority printed on it. I had it sent to me several times, and I realy thought it was a register that we all had to do with small businesses eventually. I told the girl in my office to fill it in and I signed it, A month later I get faxed the bill, so i faxed it back saying it was a mistake and I was miss lead. They still want my money and now they have added interest. I wrote to their addresses in Luxembourg and |Brussels and told them what I thought. The women in their office Ramona has phoned me twice. My accountant said that they target small businesses; people who are too busy to take the time to read the form properly. So having read the above I should ignor them. I hope that right. Any one know any better?
  • shi
    I got a mail to be invoiced for the 2nd year! What should I do?
  • NF
    I am getting post mails asking the fortune that I cannot afford to pay. I know there's nothing they can do. But it has become quite a nuisance. There is a group page in face book protesting this pain-in-the-ass thing. I request you to join it to defame it jointly: Don't worry, Be happy!!
  • Petros A.
    Another scumbag sent me the following email: (THESE SCUM BAGS HAVE TO BE STOPPED) Petros THEIR EMAIL AND SIGNATURE NAMES ARE AS FOLLOWS: Carol Denhard [email protected] "Ladies and Gentlemen. In order to have your company inserted in the registry of World Businesses for 2012/2013 edition, please print, complete and submit the attached form (PDF file) to the following address: European Trade Register P.O. BOX 3079 3502 GB, UTRECHT THE NETHERLANDS email: [email protected] fax: +31 (20) 524-8107 Updating is free of charge! If you are not the intended recipient, please submit an email to [email protected] Your request shall be dealt with accordingly. Message ID: Tlsyiimyan"
  • frank p.
    we got an email from these idiots.....simply sent them an email by reply telling them to P*SS OFF! not heard anything since! Frank
  • Bill B.
    We were hit by this group several years ago. We didn't pay but they took to phoning us and our staff and threatening them. All very unpleasant. We just continued to block them and eventually (3 years) they gave up. They still send me emails and direct mail. As the direct mail is postage paid by them I alway return in their envepope and sign "Mr M Mouse". It never stopps the letters but I have the satisfaction that they are paying postage both ways!!!!
  • PAUL
    we must be in the last year of our 3 year agreement, thought I had sickedne dthem last year when I was really (really horrible !) to the Miss xxx that answered the phone when I rang them to ask them to take me to court and let me know the time and date. Strangely they never came back with a court date, but almost a year later they have started the letters again. how tedious... but as usual the advice is if you fancy shouting and swearing at someone and releasing some steam call Miss Julia on +44 2078068157 ...really she expects it ! and if she threatens you with legal action just laugh and put what ever she sends you in the trash can.
  • Dien
    Dear All, I just received the same info with yours and asked us to pay it . Pls adv whether all of us delete a coming emails and rejected their phone. right? Any legal is done by them or not? Waits for yours. Dien
  • Jo
    I also called ActionFraud after receiving an invoice from European Trade Register/WBM Ltd/EU Business Services Ltd. They said DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH THEM and that the 'contract' we signed would not stand up in a UK court.
  • Gaylyn
    I have the same experience and all the threats now I have threatened to report them to the authorities and warn others. They are dishonest and keep sending me emails that imply they will get nasty.
  • Phillip
    My story is no different to those mentioned above, I last wrote to them by email advising that we would only pay if a court ordered us to do so and copied information I had found online similar to this blog. Yesterday a fax with aa final demand otherwise they will go to court which will cost another 300 euros. We'll see.......wont be paying a penny!!
  • Evy
    Hello everynody, EU Business Register make new victim. In Belgium this time. I have sign this paper too. I read it was swindle, but I was looking for a confirmation. They say if we dont pay after 5 day they will ask us to pay 99 Euro more. Thank you for all the informations you right above.
  • Wally
    Oh, peers, yesterday I got the legal problem fax from WALDVERG&HIRSCH Global Collection LTD to collect below fees on behalf of SON OF BASTARD EU Business Services Ltd.: one year subscription EUR990 Late payment fee EUR99 Administration fee EUR35 Legal fee EUR300 ___________________________ total EUR1424 Oh, MY GOD. I am full of fear:-) where to begin? I just registered with our client information but my contact, they don't check if I am their employee or the information is true and continue to send me fax for payment. Now my boss know it, he must think I do extra work without any related to our business:-) It has big bad influence with my daily work. I mailed to them to tell the truth. Of course, there is no any feedback but sending fax for payment again and again. These bastards have the hobbies to suck buns of these kind persons. Let's keep writing their wicked behaviors and tell others to avoid being cheated.
  • Angelika B.
    We are in Canada and we fill the form.... they send us the famous CD Rom.... We return it back, telling them that we dont want to be in their register. Well.... we did not receive any answer beside the same bill to pay. 1124 Euro.
  • Helen M.
    Has anyone actually been held to payment by these guys? I am now recieveing final demands and being told my 'debt' is being forwarded to a debt management agency!?!? I've never been able to get hold of anyone to dispute their demands - what am I meant to do?!
  • Kelly M.
    Has anyone got hold of anyone (ie: Manangement) to answer this? We are up to our Final reminder letter and have had enough of this now. Please let me know where and how to make this stop? Can they actually bill us for this rubbish? We dont even trade in europe!
  • Stewart B.
    I am based in Australia. I signed up to this foolish thing. They have resorted to calling me on the phone. I have tracked Google Analytics and I have had one click through from their website (me checking to see if it works). Therefore their so called Trade Register has NO business value. I believe approximately $1,000 is not enough money to go to court. I believe that due to the small and the lack of service provided they will have no case. I am not paying. It is distressing but I refuse to pay for something which is a fraud in my opinion. Good luck to everyone else.
  • Marianne P.
    We have received a letter from Walsberg & Hirsch because we did not pay the invoice from EU Business Services Ltd. EU Business Services has call me two times to discuss why we have not paid the invoice of EUR 995 and send me a lot of reminders. And I have told them that they will not get any payment from us. On the website it is not possible to find our company so I do not think that they can get very far in a trial, because they have not delivered the service that they want us to pay for. And I dont want the service.
  • Ejam
    We just got scammed!! Same situation as everyone else, as soon as I received a second warning notice with a late fee, we got on the Internet and Googled them. Much NOT to my surprise, I find sites like these discussing their scams!
  • Alain R.
    This is a scam that has gone on for years. Do not fear anything ! There is absolutely nothing they can do to you or anyone...but I am sure people get caught and pay up...this is why it is still worth for them to carry on. This is the email I have sent just now. This joke has been going on for more than 3 years...and they choose to still waste their time knowing that there is nothing on Earth they can possibly do. To them it is just a question of sending an email... Dear Ms Leyla or whatever you want to call yourself, I thought I managed to put you in Spam but obviously you have a great system getting through anyway. So this gives me a last opportunity to let you know that there is absolutely nothing you can possibly do to get any money out of me. I am very confident of it because after more than 3 years you are still trying which means to me that you know damn well there is no chance of asking for the Law to help you retrieve something that you know damn well has absolutely no legal value or legal standing. Had you been able to, you would have done it long ago. At the beginning, I used to be frightened by the bullying tactics of your so called company, then later I was just worried, then later I just got irritated, then in time I just forgot about your very existence. It has been a long time since I have stopped caring or even thinking about you because a long time ago I got in touch with the Police who know all about your so called company and its scam. The Police advised me about my legal obligations toward your company...none...and gave me a list of links on the web who expose you and people like you. It is fabulous to feel that you and your people still believe in the web in order to recruit some "victims" because the web is indeed fabulous.... There is a huge amount of sites discussing you at length and just in case you are not aware of them, just do what most of us do and ask GOOGLE for EU BUSINESS REGISTER. It is just fabulous and such fun! Now, please understand that I rarely have the time to write such long and interesting emails to anyone because I am a very busy businessman making lots of money (which, by the way, I choose not to share with you and which you cannot touch). Today I felt like replying to you because I am is a very good mood having just had a very successful exhibition. I realise that you have made a personal choice in accepting the fraudulent job you have. I hope it pays well and that your earnings make up for the very damaging negative energy you work with and that you insist on spreading. Such bad energy always finds a way to bite the bum of the one who uses it... maybe not straight now....but it always does. This is the Law of Nature. My advice to you is to find another vocation that will enhance rather than damage your Life. For me, I feel just like being made of TEFLON.... bad energy coming from people like you simply slides off and goes straight to the gutter where it belong....but my compassionate side has to tell you as it is...because, believe it or not, I care about you, although I absolutely do not care about the company you work for. It has been a real pleasure to spend some time with you...yes with you....because all the time I have been typing this email you were right there by me, close. Now I have to go and so have you, but before I go, I have to let you know that you can be in touch with me again (you obviously can, although you are not welcomed) but I will probably never again answer you or any other members of your so called company. Today it has been fun, but that is just it...HAS BEEN FUN... there is no fun now. Very best wishes to you and yours...and I really mean that. Alain
  • Sammy G.
    we are getting their emails and threats since more than a year. First of all- we didnt ask them- they sent a email with FREE SUBSCRIPTION and whatever hidden was unreadable small print. we told them a year back..not a single penny...they keep sending, i told them..we welcome legal actions and I am going to blast them through INDIAN HIGH COMMISSION and MEDIA.
  • Pat C.
    These guys need to be strung up in public
  • Mangle
    I am writing from Mexico. These people are scammers, there is nothing to fear, ignore their communications. I've been on the phone with them and confirm that they are a fraud. I suggest they denounce social networks to prevent others from being scammed by them, we do our best defense of the internet.
  • Raja K.
    Yes, these are big cheaters, calls from skype and has no legal rights to ask for money when invoices are not raised in advance.
  • Cherry
    I received Mail from EU Business Services.dam i sign it`s latter. Considering the settlement of the invoice no.12558 was postponed for more than two months, our Credit Department will issue next Monday, the 22nd of April, 2013 and send by post the Final Reminder towards your company, confirming that your file is scheduled -and is currently being prepared- for the Transfer of Debt. In order to avoid any legal implications that will arise from this still unsolved matter and your company being charged a legal fee of EUR 300,-, the payment for the amount due – which reached EUR 1129,- must be transferred as soon as possible. If you have recently sent the payment, please ignore this reminder and contact us for confirmation of receipt details. Best regards,EU Business Services,Tel: 0031 208 080 789 Fax: 0031 205 248 107,The Netherlands. So what can i Do ? yet i don`t pay any amount,he take legal action ? please advice me.
  • Ammar
    I am based in Nepal. I signed up to this foolish thing. They have resorted sending me several emails. I have tracked Google and I have had one click through from their website (me checking to see if it works). Therefore their so called Trade Register has NO business value. I believe approximately $1,000 is not enough money to go to court. I believe that due to the small and the lack of service provided they will have no case. I am not paying in any case as it was very unclear in the beginning. This is a scam that has gone on for years. Do not fear anything ! There is absolutely nothing they can do to you or anyone…but I am sure people get caught and pay up. It is distressing but I refuse to pay for something which is a fraud in my opinion. Good luck to everyone else. Ammar
  • Ammar
    I am based in Kathmandu. These people are scammers, big cheaters. there is nothing to fear, ignore their communications. I’ve been on the phone with them and confirm that they are a fraud. I suggest they denounce social networks to prevent others from being scammed by them, we do our best defense of the internet.
  • Elena
    Thank you for this advice. I've just received an invitation to join EBR but was a bit wary. Now I know what to do: ignore it!!
  • Mary
    Just been sent the form by our American holding company as they thought is was an EU business registration item that I had overlooked. I had already spoken with my Boss to say it was phishing as all EU official communication is done by letter.
  • Rosalyn A.
    Yes - we got them too. Thanks for having this documented, I thought it was odd but then found out we've received them the past 2 years as well but my Accounts Director ignored them
  • deanne p.
    yes is there anyone out there that can stop these people they sent me a letter saying i need to pay 998.00 pounds yearly for the next 3 years and another letter saying i need to pay 99 because i have missed the deadline for payment what do i do please help
  • Alice C.
    I am from China, I also signed up this foolish thing and received many emails to ask the EUR 2985. They said they will do the legal actions for us if we don't pay it. I hope they do it, then the police can find them and bring them to justice easily.
  • Jean D.
    We received an invitation to register in EUBUSINESSREGISTER.COM. The problem is that we registered without knowing that we had to pay for the service (the characters that was supposed to mention that payment were so small that we didn't pay attention of them). All our complaints to cancel the transaction are ignored by their secretary. We'd like to know what to do to avoid legal persecutions from this people.
  • Ian I.
    We have received a request to fill out a form to have our Business on the EU BUSINESS REGISTER. We filled the form on the 18th June 2013 in thinking it was free registration as we were recently finalists in the Eurostar's awards we thought it was official. The first thing you see on the form is 'Free update' in bold. When we check the register it only shows the name and address of our business on a website. Then we receive a demand to pay invoice Number (.....) for Euros 995which has never been sent to us. On investigating this scam we realise that charge for Euros 995 is in the small/tiny print on the bottom of the form together with details of a 3 year registration which you can only get out of 2 months before the end of the 3 years! We are all being encouraged to think European - but now we should be aware of European wide scams on the back of the European Commission competitiveness. We are a genuine Community Charity and couldn't afford these sums just to have our name and address on a remote website!
  • Carla S.
    I am from Brazil and I received an invitation and I signed the paper. Now, they send to me a lot of e-mails asking payment. What can I do in this case? Thanks a lot!!
  • Hate S.
    The URL is based in Romania. Best we talk to the Romanian police.
  • Lotta
    DON'T PAY !! They will be sending you lot's and lot's of letters and e-mails, even from laywers. We have not paid and this has been going on since 2008. Theese two last years have been non whatsoever !!! - Silent at last :D
  • Mulholland
    We registered for this only to update. Now we are getting bills, and they can not explain what they did for us or what this bill is for. The form said only to update. Which was suppose to be free. What a scam. Now they say we have additional charge of 300 eur for late fees. When I read the e-mails saying this is a scam, we now know what to do and will not pay. Thanks for the advice. A small business company in Idaho
  • Ghanesh
    We recieved an email from them with apaper to be filled and scanned it back to them for including our company's name in the tarde register and even though we did not sign the paper but just stamped it with the company stamp, filled it out and scanned it back to them. Of course, the email has nothing mentioned that the services were chargeable and it had the small fonts wich were not readable. After some time they have been sending us invoices and late payments fees and recently even the soliciotr notices from Waldberg and Hirsch Gloabl Collections saying thetening us with a legal action. In our case the legal enforcement of such a document cannot be accepted unless our auhorised signatory signs it but they keep on insiting that company stamp is enough for them to claim a fees from us. Thank you for writing this blog so that we know that such fraud is common and had been happening in the past. Please let us know how can we complain against such fraud practices and to whom can we compaliant so this whole scam gets busted and people get punished for such harrasment.
  • Zohir
    I am from Algeria Unfortunately we paid at last, after being harassed for few months !!! Taht was : 1129 Euro Any ideas if we can claim back our money ? Is there a sort of organisation that helps in this case of scam ? Thanks alot Zohir
  • Gjento
    We are hereby informing you that the invoice number 163580 in the amount of EUR 995, - has become overdue for payment (due date was 21/07/2014). As such, we appreciate your transferring this payment as soon as possible. In case the payment has been recently made, submit by email or fax a copy of your proof of transfer so that we can amend our records, otherwise please contact us to settle an extension. BENEFICIARY NAME: EU COLLECTION SERVICES LTD / European Company Network Beneficiary Address: Riga, Latvia Bank: NORVIK BANKA IBAN: LV65LATB0002210055667 SWIFT: LATBLV22 A/c#: 0002210055667 I have searched and investigated a lot on internet and they are a big cheaters. But I am not going to pay anything to them. Let them take their "legal actions" so we can meet them on court for real!
  • Mark W.
    If you get an invoice from the "European Business Registry" or one of its affiliates, file a complaint with your local police for fraud. NOT because you expect them to do anything (though fine if they do), but because you will obtain a copy of your complaint. This copy you will then forward to any collection company that approaches stating that they are involving themselves in a fraud scam, which has been reported to the polics. And that the agency should stop representing that particular client immediately. This is what my company did, and the collecting stopped straight away. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES pay up!!!
  • Peter
    I have had similar problems with these scammers, I am a student trying to promote myself and when I received their mail I thought it was for a free entry into the European market directory which could offer me work, little did I realise they sent me lots of mails intimidating me for money which I didn't even have and I lost a lot of weight because of the worry and this also effected my studies. They stopped mailing me after I told them I entered into no such agreement with rates and fees and I would inform the police. Now they have started the harassment email letters and its stressing me out a lot. This is the last mil I got off them yesterday. To Mr Peter Bodnar/ Management /Accounting Department of World Of Mandaps, We are hereby informing you that in less than a month (September, 2014), the second Edition of our business register in which your company’s profile is inserted (as per your request dated 23/07/2013) will be enforced. We expect your confirming whether the profile of World Of Mandaps should be removed or changed for the insertion in this second Edition. Not replying our request by the 11th of August, 2014 will automatically be registered as your approval for the continuation of the advertising inserted last year, as registered already. Thank you. Best regards, Ms Christine, Account Manager I am making a formal complaint to the police concerning them. Thank you for your advise Peter
  • Snaet G.
    European Company Network....different names.....same shit... I had one of my employees filling out a so called "free company data upgrade" without reading the small letters at the bottom of the page. We have now received a 995 Euro invoice and within a month we already received approx 200 Euro fine for late payment... No way we will pay ! We have had a similar case with them before where again one of our employees had signed a so called order form. It took about 4 years and dozens of letters/emails before they finally left us alone. The best is to simply NOT react at all and let them spend time and money on sending you payment reminders and other threatening documents. There is no way they can even go to court with their, no panic, sit back, relax and enjoy !!!
  • M. D.
    27/10/2014 "Legal" letter received. Quality paper. Letter head reads: Waldberg & Hirsch Global Collections Ltd. Wanting EUR 1429,- "should your company fail to make the requested payment of EUR 1429,- into the following bank account within 15 days from receipt of this letter, we will take the necessary legal steps against your company." BENEFICIARY NAME: EU COLLECTION SERVICES LTD / European Company Network Bank: Norvik Banka IBAN: LV65LATB0002210055667 blah blah blah We welcome the opportunity to see them in court. The company is registered in Romania, which without prejudice rings alarm bells. But hey, we arent, and wont pay this scam. We will be reporting this/them to Watch Dog! Friends, do not fear. It is a scam and you are within your rights. DO NOT PAY A PENNY/ PENCE.
  • I S.
    Scan is still going strong as of January 2015 -- "World Company Register" instead of "European Company Network", and "AS PRIVAT BANK" instead of "Norvik Bank", but financials are still being run out of LATVIA for a company that is reportedly registered in Spain and a parent company "international directories group" from the Netherlands?! "Ms Laura" is the contact that was hastling us. If in Canada do not be afraid to call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and register a complaint, the more records of complaints they have the easier it will be for them to shut this type of thing down. Also for anyone interested, see this article from 2013 -
  • Meagan
    Good day! I coild have sworn I've been to this blog before but after going through a few of the articles I realized it's neww to me. Nonetheless, I'm definitely happy I found it and I'll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!
  • kent
    I have had two emails this week, and I am embarrassed to say I nearly sent it off! It makes it sounds like a legitimate FREE business register. This latest one is giving a address in the Netherlands. Total con I think.
  • Ang
    Hello everyone, We are in London and we are going through the same shit. A former employee filled in the doc without noticing the small print. We now keep receiving invoices with larger and larger sums. I am writing this because I assume that there are more people that got into this scam recently and they might be looking for information in the Internet as I am. I am not planning to pay anything and if there is any legal action against them, forums like this should be the way to collect evidences. It is very stressing to receive this invoices. At the same time it is a relief to see that there are other people like ourselves and some of them already know that there is nothing those sons of the bitch can do. P.S. I submitted by note to UK Fraud Action police.
  • Leena K.
    How we can take the money back?
  • Carly M.
    I just received a letter like this today. I did NOT fill it out. Though I almost did, thinking 'hey, cool, we do business in Europe all the time'. I thought maybe one of my associates over there may have requested it. I went looking on the internet before even opening the file, and I am SOOO glad I did. Now I see it is a Scam, I have DELETED it. Thank you so much for this board. This was just done today, so obviously they are still actively trying to scam new people. I think their game is to bug the crap out of you until you pay. :( Stand strong.
  • Thomas
    Hello all, since this madness is going for years and all advice you can find is either “do not sign anything” or “do not pay”, however without any legal substance – I decided to share info, which may be useful for those who did sign the documents, however still do not feel safe. So, if you did sign the document (or somebody signed it for you) and started receiving invoices and reminders: 1) look into Terms and Conditions of the “contract”. It says that Dutch law is applicable. Now let’s look into Civil Code of Holland: Dutch Civil Code, article 7:408 "Termination of the service provision agreement - 1. The client may at any time terminate the service provision agreement. " So at this point you can write them back informing that pursuant applicable law of “the contract” you terminate it immediately. In that case the scammer even if there was a valid contract will not be entitled to the full sum anymore – just for sum, proportional to the number of days “the service” was provided (and in that case they can not send invoice with the full sum anymore – but just for few Euros at the best). 2) Bear in mind that you do not owe anything to anybody under any contract until the court decides so. Under the “Terms” all disputes shall be solved in Holland. That means a) they will have to file a plaint to the court in Holland; b) pay the court few hundred Eur of the fee for the plaint, c) translate all the plaint and documents into Dutch language and also into language which is understandable to the defendant (you). 3) Let’s say they still decide to bear all the costs and procedural hardship and sue for “damages”. First of all when you receive notification from the court in Holland – find official contact information of the court and make a phone call to the court to make sure this is not another bogus letter. Judging from published information they can pretend to be Collecting agency, so they can also pretend to be the court. 4) If the court confirms that the action is started against you – do following: a) ask the court to order the plaintiff to reveal their full info (including name, surname, business name of the account holder, their company code, personal codes, VAT number). That way we will find out who the hell is hiding behind those bogus letters; b) do not forget to publish all the information in this group – I am sure there will be people (including me) who will want to start a group action against them. The least thing we will get out of this - free (and deserved) advertisement as the persons, who finally tracked those frauds down. c) Ask the court to include into proceedings prosecutor as the third interested person (the prosecutor defends public interest and should be interested in stopping this fraud. If the real case is started – the included prosecutor will have no choice but to finally do something about this. If anyone can add anything to this – please feel free to do so.
  • Soteropoulos I.
    Goodmorning I am also a victim of EU Business register which presented themselves as a Who is Who for the registration of companies. I made the mistake to sign for registration and when I checked at the internet and found out their blackmails, I send immediately an e-mail to cancel my registration. Of course they ignored my cancellation and now I am receiving threatening letters to pay 1129 euros otherwise they will engage a procedure against me. They increase the sum of money that they claim each time they send me a new letter.
  • Diamantopoulos
    Dear All, Thank you very much for publishing all this information. It is big relief knowing that we are not alone in this matter. My small firm is also victim of those scammers. I personally submitted this application put signed this in May 2015 and sent it to them. I thought that it was 9.95 EUR per year !!! Since then the "company" sent me around 10 letters I wrote them immediately on receipt of the invoice that I wish to cancel the service. They ignored my cancellation email and sent me since then around 5 letters, and another 5 letters and faxes I received from their "collectors". They are increasing the total sum with every letter. Current sum is 1995 euros. Of course I have no intention to pay neither a cent to those criminals, just to inform the public. P.S. Thomas I will provide you with any additional information (if any) Best Regards
  • MJ
    Hello, I too fell on this scam. Already talked to them on the phone and sent several emails. Will have my lawyer send them a letter mentioning the Civil Code of Holland (thanks Thomas btw) and hope that will do it. I won't pay these parasites! Anyway, does any one of you are Dutch? Guess this scam company does not send letters to their nationals!! Let's keep focus and faith. No payment at all. MJ (Portugal)
  • MZ
    Another scam: i did the same as all of you, amazing when you look closer. Dutch phone number, Spanish bank account - its very similar to another scam, they will keep chasing, emailing, calling but never pay, we have passed to rating standard in uk.
  • Mayple
    Dear All, Thank you to al lot of comments that share your bad experiences with these guys. I got the same thing as you do. Now I have received call and letters from them every weeks. And just hang up on the Phone with this guy. -------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Fwd: Notification / Ref: Invoice no. 183806 Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2016 13:52:00 +0200 From: Mr Norbert / Accounting Department To: [removed] To xxx The above referenced account is now due in the amount of EUR 1129,- (EUR 995,- + penalties added several weeks ago). We have previously sent several notifications of the overdue status of this debt and, since we have not managed to settle your account so far, we have sent your legal file to our Lawyer. We are now expecting for a confirmation of the date when the collection procedures of your debt will be initiated. The confirmation will be received by 28/03/2016. In accordance with our credit and collection policies, all costs involved will be added to your account. To avoid the increased cost of the collection expenses, we ask that you pay your account in full (EUR 1129,-), with immediate effect. Transferring the payment within the following days will save you substantial costs, valuable time and avoid any unpleasant situations created by involving our lawyers. Bank details: BENEFICIARY NAME: WBM LTD Beneficiary Address: Sofia, Bulgaria Bank: PIRAEUS BANK BULGARIA AD IBAN: BG60PIRB80501604554278 SWIFT: PIRBBGSF A/c#: 1604554278 Please make sure the above bank account information is complete and accurate and state clearly your invoice number. Bank charges for sender. Best regards, Mr Norbert, Account Manager Tel: +31 208080789 Fax: +31 205248107 As per above letter and many letters from him. I finally said to him that. I shall tall to our lawyer regarding to this issue. Then he change his tone of voice. I was very stress by these call and emails from him and now I can be release by reading all of you. Best regards,
  • Lina-B

    Thanks for the article, Indeed my company was targeted. It felt a little dodgy (unsolicited email of course) and thanks god I googled it.  

  • Josif

    They are not going to do anything legally. One legal action from their side and they will be in a clean sunlight for the proper legal securities to shut them down.

    It's just many people are too scared to avoid paying because they are so afraid of some legal actions, they rather pay. This is what funds this scam business to print such nice letter and envelopes.

    Just don't pay.

    • Eamon

      What if the final email I got from them today states they are starting legal proceedings and my credit history will be at risk

  • IgorP

    I have done this stupid thing too 3 months ago, haven't read a small print and have sent them this letter by mail signed and sealed (. Then in 1 month I have received by mail the invoice for payment for 995 euros. And quite recently I have received the e-mail with the increased amount of debt of 1129 euros and with threats that at failure to pay this debt they will insist on collectors, lawyers, court... I won't pay, and tomorrow I will go to police to write the application for a extortion. Many thanks to all who have written about these swindlers here! Forewarned is forearmed.

  • MaritS

    Thank you for all this valuable information, I haver also been fooled by these swindlers. Have they taken legal action towards anyone of you, and what was the result?

  • Ansti

    I've got caught up in this scam. I thought that others in the same position might be interested to know that the small print says the agreement is with EU Business Services Ltd. EU Business Services Ltd was dissolved on 31/07/2018. Section 993 of the Companies Act 2006 lists fraudulent trading as a criminal offence which could be punished by up to ten years in prison. The agreement is invalid and they're trading fraudulently. I've reported them to the police.

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