The election made a mug of us all, and a tankard of these two

After one of the most exciting and unprecedented weeks in politics, Britain now faces the future with renewed hope with the first Coalition Government in Number 10 Downing Street since the last World War! This is one General Election that will never be forgotten!

Bitterwallet - the Cameron/Clegg mug
Not our words, but the words of Peter Jones China, who are asking just £29.95 for this fine tankard. No, we didn't knock it together in MS Paint. Don't all rush at once.


  • Jizzlingtons
  • Wonky H.
    I bum foxes
  • Wonky H.
    Hey, I didn't write that. I also finger badgers.
  • ...
    Makes your tea taste bittersweet.
  • FattyDan
    Limited to 2000 eh? People will be laughing at these in Pound World soon.
  • Nobby
    On the website it says (in the text) limited edition of 2010, which makes more sense given the year. But then given how many will be bought a limited edition of 20 might be more realistic.
  • Jamie W.
    @Wonky Henry Be careful around badgers you can catch TB. Wear a face mask, they love it.
  • Adolph
    "Although the image shown is black & white, the actual tankard is full colour and the image will be changed shortly." [Now I've even less incentive to purchase it!] Note: the capacity of the tankard is not given (bit like the coalition really).
  • Fifi
    Check out the Gordon Brown mug - "I will try my utmost" screw you and this country.
  • smashingnicey
    wow, low quality, high price...and as for the mug! Boob and boom once more.
  • dunfyboy
    Should grab one coz when the tories start taxing everything we won't have a pot to piss in.
  • Mikey
    Haha. I can see 3 mugs in that picture.
  • Jack
    @Mikey haha Crazy - what an odd item, shit design, and terrible price! Also is this the same Peter Jones off Dragon's Den or someone else? Even funnier is their photo editing skills, they seem to have edited out the "Aynsley" logo, makers of China. Very strange - probably part of a recycled image, and have gone for a cheaper manufacturer
  • Charlie S.
    Where's Brian?

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