The Easter egg hunt with jobs as prizes

Are you out of work in the Southwark area of London? Do you possess a skin so thick that insults just bounce off you like raindrops? Are you good at finding Easter eggs within the grey, drab confines of a government building?

You’re in luck. The total fucking arseholes at Southwark job centre (or Job Hut or whatever the fuck they're called these days) are having an Easter egg hunt which could be just for you. 150 unemployed people are being invited to take part, with 35 eggs to be tracked down. Prizes include payment for a licence to work on building sites, vouchers to buy clothes for interview, and the chance to become a security guard.

Think that’s demeaning and humiliating? Well you obviously don’t want to work badly enough do you? Egg hunt organiser Catrina Lynch was obviously off work on April 1st but still wanted the world to know about the big prank she dreamt up. Presumably with a straight face, she said: "It is not meant in a demeaning way. It's going to be fun."

For fuck’s sake…


  • Graham
    Oh, my, god.
  • Mike H.
    At least it'll keep the chav off the street for a while
  • Disgruntled D.
    Catrina Lynch should be made to hunt...for a new job!
  • Gregory
    makes a change from pimping out teenagers to the local strip clubs.
  • Susan
    What's your suggestion for the lazy bums claiming their hunting for jobs???????
  • Rob L.
    Gives them something to do in between LK Today and Loose Women though, doesn't it? Only kidding - that's pretty appauling.
  • Roy J.
    I have had the displeasure of working with Catrina Lynch for the past nearly three years when she was working at Skills Training UK Ltd in Croydon. Her attitude towards the unemployed was pretty much the same she always looked down at them in a very demaning way and had a similar idea at Christmas where she did a Santa swap a gift.

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