The drugs don't work, so give me a job please

12 August 2009

We started the day by seeing how to throw away your livelihood via social media. Let's end it with a demonstration of how to revive it using more traditional methods:

We'd perhaps dispute his claim of operating a "successful pot smuggling venture", given that one of the pre-requisites for that sort of gig is that you're not caught illegally importing 75 tonnes of the stuff.

[Today I Laughed]


  • Bullet
    Sometimes this level of honesty pays off, Shame he want a Heroin Smuggler cause that is a cracking job
  • Bullet
    "WASNT" not "WANT"
  • numberwang
  • Top s.
    Wasn't (which is short for 'was not'), & hyphenated correctly you dumb berk!
  • dados
    Aye,now go & stand in the fucking corner wi' the dunce hat on
  • Howard M.
    I'm not sure how my advert ended up on an english bargain blog, but my view is honesty is the best policy.
  • tommy
    I would give him a job ANY DAY!
  • Song B.
    # Posted by Top speller | August 12th, 2009 at 9:11 pm Wasn’t (which is short for ‘was not’), & hyphenated correctly you dumb berk! Contracted, not hyphenated, you dumb twat.
  • Anti-Grammar P.
    Jesus, who gives a fuck about the grammar? Life's too short to argue over such trivial matters on the internet!
  • Rubisco
    Life's not short, it's decades long, and arguing over trivial matters is what the internet is for! Well, that and porn. Mainly porn.
  • Jesus
    Obviously not you Anti-Grammar Police
  • Jeffrey A.
    Can we please capitalise Internet properly, while we're on the subject. Cheers.
  • Bwah h.
    I'd rather hire him than most of the other pricks out there.

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