The dark side of eBay suspensions - would you buy from Lobbay?

Since its birth many moons ago, eBay has had thousands of detractors screaming into their email, because their accounts have been suspended for seemingly no good reason. Policies, algorithms and moderation designed to keep trading legal and honest occasionally snares innocent individuals and retailers. So what to make of, a website that will sell anyone an established account to get around such suspensions?

The accounts are anonymous, verified, include 100% positive feedback (regardless of the buyer's previous history with eBay), and can be up to one year old. And in case you need it, Lobbay will also flog you a US bank account without needing to supply any identification:

Bitterwallet - Lobbay

Oddly, their FAQ doesn't answer the one question we wanted to ask - isn't this a very easy way for scammers to set up shop? Instead, they answer questions that nobody except perhaps such customers would be keen to ask:

Do you keep any of my personal information in your records?

Absolutely not. We do not keep any of your information in our records. We do consacrate a lot of importance to privacy, and nothing of your personal information will be kept or shared.

So Lobbay keep no personal information about customers whatsoever? That'll make for an interesting tax audit. Like the argument put forward by Playables and Wai Dat Chan - manufacturers of the R4 cards that could be used for pirating Nintendo games -  just because Lobbay's services can be used for the innocent purpose of continuing to trade after an unjust suspension, it doesn't preclude the possibility that scammers can buy a new account and continue to rip users off. Lobbay claims to be "110% legal and legitimate" despite violating eBay's terms of service and admitting in interviews to deliberately working around eBay's security measures - the point that saw the R4 argument become unstuck in the High Court.

This service hasn't just appeared overnight - Lobbay and similar sites have been operating for years. A Google for "Lobbay scam" reveals plenty of choice comments about the site; regardless, perhaps the real question is one for eBay themselves - why doesn't a company with so much muscle actively pursue businesses like that admit to screwing over their site security to provide safe haven for suspended users? Even if are themselves duping customers out of money, it's eBay that are creating the demand, albeit inadvertently.


  • Yoda
    "We do consacrate a lot of importance to privacy" - even if they spelled consecrate correctly, WTF does that mean? Ebay should do whatever they can to block these sorts of offerings that, I suspect, are primarily aimed at the scammers.
  • Zleet
    Something like this wouldn't exist if Ebay weren't such a bunch of cunts. I ended up with my entire family suspended for two years because Ebay forgot to lift a one month suspension. Eleven months after the punishment should have ended I purchased something (don't use ebay much) and the still standing suspension triggered a blanket year suspension on all connected accounts. Ebay just refused to listen to reason and upheld the year ban. The original infraction was because my younger brother stupidly shill bid an item by a quid (he ended up winning and cancelled the sale). His account was okay after the month but the account he used to bid (other brothers) was still banned and connected to mine in some way and ended up taking down all my families accounts (ironically including the one that had done it's month). The real kick in the balls was when they emailed me and said they had looked at the account that caused the problem and agreed to lift the still standing month ban but then immediately suspended it for twelve months as using an account connected to a suspended account is an infraction that seemingly cannot be appealed against.
  • Nobby
    > Lobbay claims to be “110% legal and legitimate” despite violating eBay’s terms of service Breaking eBay's terms of service is not breaking the law. Therefore they are legal. However, they seem incredibly expensive. It is not that hard to set up new accounts with multiple email addresses and credit cards. When I used to sell there, I always had three seller accounts, for different types of products. And if one hit the pan (it never did), I could always use the others.
  • Lumoruk
    Re: Zleet, your brother broke the law and you're moaning about a 1yr ban?
  • Zleet
    @Lumoruk Lol He was sixteen at the time and shill bid an item from £3 to £4 as the postage would have been more than the item was going to make and ended up winning himself anyway so hardly Lex Luthor.
  • matt
    SO he broke there rules and they banned him how unfair of ebay
  • Tom
    @zleet He broke the rules, they should pull out all his pubic hair. The motherfucker.
  • The B.
    "We do consacrate a lot of importance to privacy" They what? It's not a word I'm familiar with, I thought maybe it was a typo of consecrate but that don't really fit in with the context does it? Anyone know what they mean?
  • The B.
    And just read Yoda's comment, sorry.
  • klingelton
    @Tom they'd have pulled out his pubic hair if he had any.
  • Zleet
    @matt Brother may have been a Pikey little shit but that was sorted when they banned him (and the other account), for a month which he complied with. The point was the thirty days expired but they forgot to reactivate the account and a year later after money had been taken out of my Paypal for some Satellite gear I was buying Ebay suspended me and locked me out. They admitted they had made a mistake in leaving the suspension active but basically told me tough shit and the suspension stands regardless. I would have found the fact I ended up with a suspension over ten times longer than the original one quite funny if it wasn't for the fact they had allowed money to be taken out of my account before I was suspended, luckily the bloke I bought it from honoured the purchase.
  • rob
    Do you not have to be 18 to have an ebay account anyway?
  • Scott S.
    [...] The dark side of eBay suspensions – would you buy from Lobbay? | BitterWallet [...]
  • Pse S.
    [...] The dark side of eBay suspensions – would you buy from Lobbay? | BitterWallet [...]
  • Original S.
    [...] The dark side of eBay suspensions – would you buy from Lobbay? | BitterWallet [...]
  • Zleet
    @rob That was where the trouble started. We had one family Ebay account initially but when each family member eventually set up their own some details would obviously be shared (addresses, emails, paypal accounts) so when one went bad all went bad.
  • hass
    hi any one had thiss ebay and paypall account from lobbey? how is working ? i been band from ebay to cuz of my gf was band it and we where same address and i cant do any thing but i really need the ebay ? what shoukd i do any answer plz thx

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