The Daniel Craig lolly - sorry, but it sucks

It’s National Ice Cream Week! It’s been National Ice Cream Week since yesterday and no one told us! Only trouble is, they’ve already kind of gone and ruined National Ice Cream Week! The fiends.

They’ve kind of ruined it by launching this (pic, left) – the fully-lickable Daniel Craig ice lolly (which technically isn’t even an ice cream and therefore shouldn’t be within a country mile of National Ice Cream Week.)

Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies canvassed 1,000 British women, asking them which male celeb they’d like to get their gob around, and the outright winner was Mr James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. So here he is – available this week only in blueberry, pomegranate, and cranberry flavours.

Don’t tell the ladies (and the gays, we must never forget the gays) but the Daniel Craig lolly doesn’t really look anything like Daniel Craig. We don’t care how lickable it is, because as we have proved (pic, right) this thing is essentially the body of an Action Man with the head of footballing legend Stanley Matthews. Ugh.


  • Steve
    You'd think with their market research they'd have it 'licked'. Mwah hahahahaha!
  • Mike H.
    Don't you remember the A-Team Lollies? You could get a 'cola' flavoured Mr-T shaped lolly, slightly racist, don't you think?
  • Nobby
    How many women will be shoving these up their tuppences?
  • MinstrelMan
    i get my missus to do that with a fruit pastelle lolly, nobby...... stick end first then I see if I can reach the purple before gettin brain freeze.
  • acecatcher3
    i think that lolly looks quite cool, wudnt catch me eating one tho obvs, bit too gay even for me
  • Junkyard
    Looks like Dr. Manhattan - if only they'd made it blue.
  • Fayshun
    Looks like he's playing pocket billiards, dirty Bond!
  • scooby
    Del Monte even went for the full package which can be clearly seen poking out abouve his shorts!!! Dirty, dirty Del Monte

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