The CString - as sexy as losing your hand in a threshing machine?

Bitterwallet - dear Mother Mary, it's the CStringThere's every chance we've covered this freakish apparel before - it looks like the sort of seedy crap we do on an increasingly frequent basis. Behold the CString, perhaps the most unnecessary under-garment conceived since 1903, when Dr Windermere Jessop first wore his duck-filled pajamas.

What's it good for, aside from looking like you're wearing ear warmers around your tuppence? "Say goodbye to panty line and uncomfortable straps. Say hello to a sexy new freedom." We asked for a lady's view of the CString - Emma in the DealSpwn office said it if she wanted a clamp fitting to her tuppence, she'd have sat on double yellow lines in Ealing.

Not everyone is happy, however - take Becky Romero in Chicago: "Since I only slightly trim myself down below, I do wish it was a little wider at the top. But obviously that's only a small issue and only at the beach or poolside. Trimming just a little more solves that anyway." Those of you with long-haired growlers - you've been warned.


  • Financial S.
    Wow, what the heck? What does the other side of the woman look like? Curious to know! Financial Samurai
  • Smiff
    the other side goes right up her back and fastens around her neck. (it's the only way they could secure this thing).
  • Khrest
    Easier to go commando style I would have thought. I gather from my missus that underwired bras are hellishly uncomfortable unless they fit 100% so god knows what that contraption must feel like. Maybe it could be improved by some sort of internal clamping system......
  • maxtweenie
    C-string? What's the C stand for?
  • maxtweenie
  • Shadow
    @ maxtweenie C u.nts :)
  • Fatty b.
    Did anyone notice they only do a small or medium, what about the fuller figure girls?
  • Ekky
    Sure that's not a Duck-Billed Platypus?
    Is that a photo of Emma? If so, I'd possible ignore the fact its a bit boring, and post on Dealspwn more often!
  • LB33
    These have been around for years?
  • brian b.
    looks like a duck billed plattypuss is giving her a munch, my wife is also named brain
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. You people have given me a HARD-ON with this picture....good job i bought some MAN-SIZE tissues from Asda the other day :-)
  • Andy D.
  • John V.
    With the back of this thing you'd need permanent clench control haha :P
  • Kev
    Photoshopped....... BADLY!
  • Emma
    The pic above might be shopped, but it is an actual product sold on their website. By the way, it's not me. I've got bigger boobs.
  • Stella
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