The crocodile dress that's a bit of a growler

25 September 2009

vagina_dentata_dress_02Men/lesbians - if you’re out in the beer bars and discothèques of your local area over the coming weekend and you come across a woman dressed in this particular piece of finery, you might be well advised to spill a drink on yourself, make your excuses and head for home.

It’s a disturbing little Top Shop number called ‘Crocodile Print Dress by Christopher Kane’ but to us it screams “Graaaah! I’m a right proper mentalist me, and what’s more my mimsy has got teeth! Big sharp teeth!’

Over at The Consumerist, they’ve pondered it all a little bit deeper, and claim that it’s an example of Vagina Dentata, the classic fear of men’s fear of sex, or as Sigmund Freud might have more precisely described it: “the guy's fear of having his wing-wang bitten off by the lady’s hoo-ha during the sacred act of Yankee Doodle.”

They could be wrong, they could be right, but we’re only certain of one thing – you wouldn’t feed it without putting an extremely strong pair of gloves on first.


  • Steve
    £60 BLOODY QUID!!!! I'm in the wrong business, clearly!
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. That dress says "Come and get me BIG BOY", and that's what i would do...if i was allowed out of my house after 10pm.
  • Brian J.
    What better dress is there to hunt other women wearing zebra stripes and leopard print? I think a skirt showing the classic Jaws pictures looking up into a woman's dirty place is the next step. Steve, with ideas like this we can be in the right business.

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