The courier industry's employment manual - exposed

Bitterwallet - courier manual part 1

Bitterwallet - courier manual part 2

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  • Jack
    Haha very true, most companies are getting better though
  • Junkyard
    This is our postman, except he doesn't have time for the whispering part. In fact, I'm fairly sure he fills out all the "sorry you weren't in" cards before he starts work each day.
  • Ben
    These instructions are all wrong! The couriers often don't even have the delivery in their van, they just post the 'sorry we missed you' notes through the door to save time.
  • cripps555
    Round my way they don't even deliver the card they send you a letter by royal mail asking to you call an 0870 number to arrange delivery of your item.
  • Lumoruk
    cripps555 thats actually a scam
  • Hugh A.
    Ive just had exactly this with Home Deliverys, card bunged through the door twice to say they had been, this delivery guy would make a great house burglar as the dog didnt even hear him and he knows when a fly has landed on my car ouitside coz he barks the bloody house down.
  • cripps555
    It isn't a scam it is how SMS/DX deliver in my area
  • Decron
    I have watched our postman just post the card without even bothering to knock. Jobsworth.
  • Amanda H.
    Postmen get paid per hour, so they dont fecking care if you get your parcel or not- they get paid whatever. ~Most~ couriers are paid per drop now, so they dont get a penny unless your parcel gets delivered. So they are hardly going to tiptoe to your door. Mind you, if couriers could get a signiture out of a wandering cat to get paid, they would.
  • jonny
    What a load of crap, why on earth would they put a note in without attempting to knock?? It means they have to carry that parcel back to the van, take it back to the depot, spend ages filing it back at the depot, then have to bring it back out again the following day, they just want to get rid of it. If you trust a courier firm and have a good relationship with them, I get them to leave my parcels in the garden for me. Ive known couriers leave parcels with me for houses 5 doors away just so they could offload them.
  • Alan
    Initial Shitty Link are the worst for this.
  • Ben
    Agreed with Jonny here. The last thing a courier wants to do is stick a parcel back on their van for a re-delivery. Believe me, been there, done that job. Any sensible delivery driver will knock, wait a minute or so, and then try the neighbours. Companies such as DHL pay their drivers a small hourly wage, and then a value per box/pallet etc. If you have to re-deliver, you are only paid the once, not the first failled delivery. Not in their interest to have parcels taken back to the depot.
  • charitynjw
    Blasphemers!! - You have revealed the couriers' secret sacred script (try saying that when you're p*ssed!)
  • Jase
    Since the Royal Mail strikes I've been having my parcels coming from UPS and Home Delivery Network.UPS left it with next door and HDN just delivered it. I'd probably highlight Amanda Hugginnkiss' point. I live just 1/2 a mile from my local post office, and since I started making purchases online, I haven't had a single parcel delivered to me from Royal Mail. I think he just leaves it at the office, posts the 'sorry we missed you'card and gets me to go get it myself; just to lighten his load around the village.
  • dave
    I've had the with city link and others. Excitedly waited in all day, in the same room as the front door. I'd keep looking towards the door... nothing...nothing....ooh a card saying they tried to deliver it.
  • Mandy B.
    Junkyard/decron/Jase - the postman isn't a "jobsworth", management have given a single postman the work of three postmen and as such they are told to not take out parcels. Management advise your postman to fill in the form and just post it through the door. Most postmen I've met would love for things to be how they used to be & to be able to deliver your mail but "costcutting" and "streamlining" along with "modernisation" (all code for running the company into the ground so it can be privatised) from management prevent this. If more of us supported them (and other workers) when they striked then maybe things would be better for us all.
  • Junkyard
    @ Mandy, Bubble and any other postmen who are reading: where did I state that I don't support postmen? I'm well aware that management are screwing them over. That doesn't change the fact that it's bloody annoying to get a card through the door saying "sorry, you were out" when I am, in fact, sat right here because I'm waiting for an important package.
  • Mandy B.
    "and any other postmen"? I'm neither a man, or work for the royal mail. Also, I never said you didn't support them, I was merely replying to your "In fact, I’m fairly sure he fills out all the “sorry you weren’t in” cards before he starts work each day." Yes, the cards usually are filled out before during the sorting part of the shift, on the orders of management. Yes it's incredibly annoying, but whinging about postmen on the internet (again, not something YOU have done) doesn't change anything. Getting out on the picketline, making brews & taking munch down to people on strike and helping to fight back against management is what we should all be doing to safeguard the postal service, the fire service and all other essential services.
  • past g.
    That is certainly a nice situation. Deserve embattled sharing. Smilee

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