The complete and utter history of Sony

Sony has given the tech world some cracking toys in their 53 year history. Gizmodo have produced a timeline of all these wundergadgets, from the Walkman and CD player, through to the Blu-ray and the Vaio netbook. Sadly, everything launched since tate funny robot dog 10 years ago looks a little tame and uninspired compared the the big whirly cassette decks of old. Unless you like playing kiddie games on your television, in which case we'll give you the PS3.



  • Weiner
    They forget 1988 - Work begins on cd addon for the Snes, 1991 - Sony stabs Nintendo in the back and develops the addon into a home console.
  • Jake
    Erm, Nintendo dropped Sony if I recall correctly
  • Rajeev
    Sony has always been pioneer of sorts in innovation . The were the ones who made listening music on go possible with their portable walkman.. Such a great innovation..
  • Andre
    What is Blue-ray? Ive heard of Blu-ray! Also, the MD wasnt exactly a failed medium, it never stuck, but lots of US customers used it, damn i even had a MD stereo, and still have and its a JVC stereo! Had a portable and a in car as well. Disc quality music without being able to scratch the disc...perfect. Innovative just didnt take off, like a lot of any creations by any company who pushed the boundaries
  • oldjustice
    Fair comment.

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