The Colonel takes a bite out the Apple for unconvincingly named iTwist

It's possible the same advertising agency responsible for Perrier's new campaign also has the illustrious job of creating new items for the KFC menu, judging by the news we've received from avid Bitterwallet reader Jamie.

The iTwist? Really? What possible reason would you have for preceding your product name with an 'i', unless it was to lazily jump of the coattails of a hugely successful bran- oh. As you were, then. You can coat your ideas in a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, but it'll still taste like bollocks.

Bitterwallet - the iTwist

In fact, the iTwist has been kicking around in the US for a while, but didn't reach these shores until secret testing in UK restaurants in May. So America get the Double Down, we get this. Cheers, Colonel.


  • PokeHerPete
    Do they have a demonstration how to correctly hold it??
  • Jonny S.
    No you just have to put a bumper around it...
  • bt w.
    It's been on sale in Cardiff for ages, surely longer than since May.
  • Chris
    As a minion to the Colonel (yes, I admit it!), they're not too bad... KFC had been looking at smaller wraps (similar to their Twisters) to go on a budget snack-type menu. They tried the rollers (popcorn on a smaller tortilla), and have kept the Cheesy BBQ one. However, these are a lot better - a mini fillet, so you get a better bit of chicken. And PHP - just go nom nom from the top down!
  • Bunk
    Am I the only one who has noticed the 'Colonal' ?
  • kev
    will rpobably cost £20 and taste horrible, if products begining with "i" are anything to go by
  • PokeHerPete
    @kev, I don't think anyone actually bothers reading the blogposts.
  • BobF
    Had them in my local KFC for a while now, although they recently replaced the "sweet" goats cheese one with some sort of "mexican" one containing jalapenos, I think they call it "2HOT4U", its quite nice though. And no, I never quite understood why theyre called iTwist either.
  • JohnnyPooPooPants
    iTwist one off regular.
  • JayJ
    Had a double Down while I was in New York last month. Its true you should never meet your heroes.... you'll only end up fat and disappointed.
  • Jack T.
    Does the holder come free but only after everyone complains?
  • zeddy
    Is it true there is a version where you get your own choice of bird? "itwist-my own cock"

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