The close shave you REALLY don't want to make a mess of

Razor kings Gillette have put together a series of videos aimed at men filled with shaving tips for almost every imaginable part of the body.

As well as the obvious shaving tips for the face, there are also tutorials for the head, chest, armpits, back and the groin. Can you guess which one has received the most hits on YouTube? That’s right, of course, it’s the groin.

So by way of adding to the tally, here’s your masterclass in safely and comfortably shaving your knackersack. It’s probably the sort of thing that would be commonly called a 'viral', but we’re not sure that you’d want us to associate that word with your private personal gentleman’s club…


  • MrRobin
    Christ! I don't want a 'Hollywood'!
  • ronnie
    video doesn't work?
  • Bullet
    No Vid, and I would have thought something like Veet would be better and safer than a blade down there. Crazy Barstewards.
  • Andy D.
    Vid's working for me but wasn't for Paul S earlier. Not sure what the problem is with it. Hope it hasn't interfered with your Friday night bush-trimming plans too much.
  • Iain
    "Trimming the bush to make the tree look taller" Best. Line. Ever.

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