The Clicker - because you can never be too lazy or forgetful

Because you're worth it. Specifically, because you're:

a) an terminally lazy shitehawk for whom the dozen steps through to the cutlery drawer for a bottle opener represent the pinnacle of human endeavour

b) too fucking stupid to remember to take the bottle opener with you when you take the beer out the fridge

Bitterwallet - the Clicker, for lazy and stupid people

[] thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Daniel


  • Brad
    I lose my remote more then I lose my bottle opener.
  • Feck g.
    Feck the opener - look a full pint from half a bottle - give me the magic bottle anyday
  • Mike
    Hopefully Clicker 2 will have a ciggy lighter in it, then we have sweet music together.

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