The cardigan you won't be buying for gran's birthday

Read the description of this innocently-named cardigan - the "Sharon" - and it sounds like a perfect present for the wife or an elderly relative:

"Softest cotton and silk cashmere mix cardigan in classic AP colours, wear with pride. Luxurious pearl drop buttons complete the look."

Then you realise the AP means it's sold by Agent Provocateur, so you assume it may not be entirely appropriate as a gift for a loved one. You're then made aware of the price tag - £250 - and you know that unless it grants the power of invisibility or flight, there's no way in hell you're buying one. Finally you see it, and you wonder who the Christ would wear the thing anyway:

Bitterwallet - Agent Provocateur
Yes, you're not mistaken. Those are cock and balls. And man jam spurting out the initials of the retailer. Stay classy.

[Things Doanie Likes]


  • In f.
    Heh "pearl drop buttons complete the look". If she were my missus, I'd give her a pearl necklace to go with it.
  • KC
    Is it wrong that i do want to order one for my nan?
  • Graham S.
    No, that's not wrong at all! To be honest I looked at it and didn't even notice the cocks until it was pointed out! I just thought it was a quirky pattern!
  • maxtweenie
    Is that the only colour? Does it come in cream?
  • Inactive
    It may cum in cream. I asked my Nan, she said she would look a right dick in it.
  • KC
    My nan said it would go really nice with a pearl necklace...of course i will oblige
  • goon
    the perfect jumper to acompany the modern iphone owner
  • Brian
    I like this jumper/top thing with the DICKS. I'm going to order one for my friend twinky - Mikey
  • Viv R.
    I have an Iphone that's funny @ Goon
  • Tesco B.
    [...] can’t dress like Arthur Dent, they’re well within they’re rights to wear a cardigan covered in cocks. Makes perfect [...]
  • Jakobso
    Hey, its reduced to £100 - absolute bargain! @goon - Just because it clashes with your HTC Hero / Android!

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