The business directory scam is still going strong

3 February 2011

Bitterwallet - World Company Directory scamWe know that many of you are aware of this scam, but judging by the response to our previous article there are plenty of businesses that are still taken in. For that reason, we're happy to highlight the scam whenever it raises its head.

Several months ago, we told you about the EU Business Register, a spam email that requests your business registers with them. It appears to be for free - there's certainly no mention of any charges, unless you bother to read the Tom Thumb-sized small-print at the bottom of the official-looking form, which states the business will have to pay a charge of 995 Euros for a minimum of three years.

In the past couple of days, we've received a couple of emails to let us know the World Company Directory scam has reared its head again. We've even received the spam email ourselves - "In order to include your company in the database of World Company Directory, just complete and return the form - any additional material of your company that may serve to update your profile is very welcome."

It's an identical set-up to the EU Business Register - the wording suggests its a service but the small print will hold you to a modest 980 Euros a year for three years. Their London address is - yes, you've guessed it - a virtual office set-up, there simply to present the illusion of a UK-based company. The business itself is stated to be based in Cyprus, but all legal disputes are governed by courts in the Czech Republic. Obviously.

We know what you're thinking: "What fantastic benefits await my business by registering?" Well, according to the World Company Directory website, their site "enables you to find companies online, sorted by branch, city, country and language, in countries all over the world". To the layman, it sound a little like Google, then. Or even the internet itself. Avoid.


  • Mr P.
    an spam email ?
  • Jason
    Good rule to go by... Never trust a company's legitimacy or quality of work if its brand is in Comic Sans or Papyrus
  • Robert L.
    Our company is called Global Business Register Limited. We are legally registered in Ireland and our business involves the selling and distribution of official company information that is sourced from the national company registers oround Europe. We would wish to advise your readers that our company should not be confused with either World Company Register or World Business Directory. We have no association whatsoever with either and wish to clearly state that we do not condone in any way the activities of these organisations. It is free to use our service and should you wish to order an official document on a company there is a small fee associated with that. We do not offer to include any company in a directory and charge fee for it.

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