The breast drink for kids, hilarity ensues

3 July 2010

It doesn't appear to have been what Unibev had in mind in their initial draft of the packaging for this juice drink, but the final version is causing a vague and ill-defined sense of mirth amongst immature teenagers and Bitterwallet readers alike, such as avid reader Al:

Bitterwallet - I'd like to suck on a Boobee, please

Don't blame the kids when they think it's hilarious to ask to suck on a Boobee, Mum - blame the four year-olds in the marketing department who think they're on to a PR-tastic, column inches-grabbing winner.


  • Tesh
    I love a good boobee :)
  • kfcws
    Been available for years.... Kwik Save used to stock it, and how many years ago did they go bust?
  • Alan
    Yeah, this has been out for yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaars. Farmfoods stock the stuff. It has a strange straw with it too!
  • -]
    If it is anything like the boobees I saw in liverpool years back then the straw is attached to the top of the boob. As it is merseyside, they only had orange ones.
  • blagga
    yes, but you did manage to place the words "column" and "inches" right next to each other.. *fans himself*
  • amina
    there's a energy drink called pussy

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