The Bitterwallet Christmas Box: Gift 2 - the rotisserie briefcase

Here’s the perfect Christmas gift for the meat-obsessed business type in your life. From the outside it looks like a standard business briefcase but open it up and you’ve got a fully-functioning rotisserie.


Even the dullest meeting can now be spiced up with the introduction of some meat-cooking (or whatever it might be that a vegetarian would do with this). Indeed, an in-the-balance deal could be sealed in an instant as you and your high-flying clients enjoy munching on a delectable rotisserie-cooked chicken.

At only £450, it’ll more or less pay for itself within a month.


  • Reports F.
    [...] Bitter Wallet.  As well as providing me with ample consumer guidance and much in the way of Teh Lolz, you also find time to make with the excellent trolling. Nifty hand-held or harbinger of corporate [...]
  • Richard
    This is garbage, it doesn't even cook the food! It's just some battery powered rotating sticks :-P. You need to put a disposable bbq in it to cook anything! £450 what a rip off

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