The Bitterwallet Christmas Box: Gift 1 – your own face

If we learned anything at all from the film Face/Off, it’s that swapping your face with someone else can lead to a shitload of confusion and a triple dose of mayhem. But swapping your face with… your own face? Hmm… it might just work you know.

That’s what Japanese firm REAL-f are hoping anyway. They’ll create a chillingly realistic 3D copy of your face and make it into a mask, all for only $3,920. If you want your entire head, it’s $5,875.


But why would you do this? Well, it might well be worth getting one while you’re in your physical prime. Then, when the lines start to appear and your mush begins to sag, you can roll back the years and mooch about wearing your face from when you looked great.

It might seem weird now, but trust us, we’ll all be doing this in about three years time. Or something.



  • Brad
    Right, im just popping off to rob a bank/post office while wearing an Adrian Chiles mask, that will shit them up to hand over the cash I think.
  • Dick
    Of course there are advantages. You don't need to wash or shave in the morning. Just pop the mask on and you are good to go. You'd save a fortune in soap and shaving creme. Also, never get caught out with another woman's lipstick on your face, just pop the mask on before you go home.
  • Zleet
    Do you think I could get one of my own face going 'ohhh' to stick on a warm watermelon? Yes I did just go there. You're welcome.

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