The Bitterwallet 2nd Birthday competition closes today at 5pm!

Our second birthday contest closes at 5pm today - you can read more about it here. And remember how we asked you for JPG or PNG files? Yeah, that. So no PDFs and no bloody slideshows. Cheers. In the meantime, if you do enter we'd suggest you put in at least a tiny bit of effort, as avid reader Stuart Spence has:

Happy Birthday Bitterwallet


  • Ravi
    What so special about this photo ? Did not get it.It's a copy paste of several completely un-related pictures from web & combining into one.
  • Andy D.
    The bar stewards haven't uploaded my entry yet...
  • adam k.
    why not send it in PDF or PSD format, (sniggers)
  • StuPid
    Actually many of the photos are from the archives of Bitterwallet and took quite some time to make - but feel free to destroy my unbridled joy at seeing my name in lights. PS Ravi, good luck with your entry
  • The R.
    "for" trying hard, not "from". Sorry, not enough milk this morning.
  • adam k.
    [insert failed comment here]
  • Paul C.
    Joanna Barret-Smith's entry is my favourite so far - she's put a lot of cool elements from the blog into a unified piece. Rather than an MS Paint cut and paste collage.
  • Twat
    This also didn't make sense "trying hard of Cornflakes in a pot"
  • Twat
    Nowt wrong with MS Paint...although I used Photoshop in the same way as I use MS can be seen in my effort...line tool, colour fill and basic font! You gotta be in it to win it...even though I expect the winners to be arty-fartys who have light pens and fancy brushes, vector shapes and filters! I know about these things, but I have as much artisticness as a Ryanair has heart :(
  • Twat
    Now waits for The Nice Bitterwallet Reader to point my error out...ha
  • Alex
    Credit to Bitterwallet for uploading my 2 minute MS paint job and accompanying insults!
  • Pedant
    Bah, i've got no chance. If i win the Next tablet i might make a video of me smashing it with a hammer. Maybe.
  • Ravi
    I don't think making two entries should have been allowed.I could have also made two entries for Bill Clinton & Steve Jobs but I think we all should be given equal chances to win rather than allowing someone to provide two entries.Does not matter how awesome his entry was but I still think as we have lower amount of entries , so having two entries in your disposal will give you unfair advantage over us who tried hard in all their efforts. Either Please let all us submit multiple entries or just don't allow multiple entries at all. Best of luck to all.
  • antony m.
    In the full size version of joannas there is a 'royal fail' store XD
  • danmc
    @Ravi It's not a problem if the second is a replacement for the first surely?
  • Darren
    My MS Paint/Microsoft Photo Editor pic got uploaded. Thanks BW! Happy B-Day!
  • Twat
    Who are the winners then biatches?!?

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