The best keyboard you've ever used?, it's Friday! While most of you are thinking of stripping your suits and dresses off as soon as the clock strikes 5, I'm going to be sticking around on HUKD and eBay for a little longer.

The reason? Here at Massive Dynamic Bitterwallet headquarters, I've been getting insanely jealous watching the rest of the team geek out on their 30" macbook HD screens, equipped with fancy sleek Apple keyboards. Andy's version comes with a magic button that even has an in-built spellchecker, while Paul simply gestures in the air and words appear on the screen. Oh, wait, he was just stretching. Nevermind.

Most of us these days spend long hours omegling typing away in front of a computer, and develop degrees of kyphosis and RSI. Evolving into the neatherdal men and women is certainly not what we are born to achieve, it therefore is shocking that here I am, typing away on an 'ApaxQ' keyboard that I purchased in Hong Kong for £1 that requires forceful handling and man-love. And it still barely responds.

So with the amount of wrist / finger pain I have been getting lately, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate. I heard Tamiflu tablets are rather effective but I'm running out of stock. So for those of you who type alot, what has been your favourite keyboard in terms of typing and comfort? Do you like 'em wireless, ergonomic, or just plain old school simple? Have you opted in your default keyboard for a Logitech EX110

Let us know what is your favourite keyboard for typing in the comments below, and we'll pick out the best few to compare. If you know the exact model, please include a link to any good deals you know going on right now. We will thank you for it (Paul's already stripping).


  • chrisg.
    IBM KB-990 Just amazing.
  • Dan
    Apple Wireless Keyboard The keys on a modern macbook or mac keyboard can't be beaten. The distance between them is plentiful, which makes for a proper belta experience like man.
  • Mycroft J.
    Cherry Cymotion Expert
  • vit0
    Logitech Wave (Wired) Wrote my 12k word dissertation on this baby and my hands/fingers/wrists are fine :D
  • tom
    optimus maximus!!!
  • Schexy S.
    Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 ergonomic and shexy!
  • Andy I.
    Mine is my current one, a wireless ACCURATUS TOUGHBALL....keerr OK..ok ..but must say it is a dream to use...
  • GazB
    chrisg, Do you mean the IBM model M keyboards? They were indestructible. We sold a few from our office last year and they still change hands for quite a price! Brilliantly over-engineered.
  • Amanda H.
  • AmanDOH! H.
  • wanye
    its a toss-up between the classic IBM model M or my trusty logitech dinovo bluetooth keyboard. both are solid, brilliant and comfortable to use.
  • Dave
    Logitech Cordless LX 710 the touch and the typing sound is sooo nice!
  • hicks
    The Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard 4000- best keyboard i used, reliable and very easy to type with it(once you get used to the split design). My hand never hurts from it so its great and cost me £15 at pc world! Might not be on offer anymore though
  • Conor
    Apples Keyboard. Wireless or wired, it is just so easy to type on, especially if your going to be typing for hours.
  • paul s.
    Acorn keyboard from the A4000 or Risc PC.
  • Mr S.
    Another vote for Apple keyboards. They made crappy ones for years, but the newest models with the short-throw keys are incredible to type on. No other keyboard has the combination of delicacy and responsiveness. And they are easy to clean too (unlike the awful see-through ones they used to make)!
  • Chris
    Those HP black and silver keyboards that ship with their office PCs - great to type on!
  • Xiwt
    dinovo Edge Logitech
  • mc
    das ultimate keyboard - blank
  • Ryan
    Gotta give another vote to the IBM Model M! Although I do have a soft spot for the keyboard in my HP 2133 netbook...
  • Homer S.
    Either an original IBM keyboard from the 80s or a Cherry Keyboard from the early 90s. Tactile-tastic!
  • Sideshow B.
    I've had my Cherry keyboard for over 5 years now and it's never failed me.

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