The Bed Bunker - now your full-sized arsenal can be nearby as you sleep

These days, you can’t feel safe going to bed unless you’ve got some kind of weapon close at hand while you sleep. Well, I mean, there’s all those crackhead burglars and rapists stomping around the streets after dark, looking for homes they can break into before carrying out their evil doings. Isn’t there? Well the Daily Mail said there was!

Thanks be praised then, for this, the Bed Bunker, a secure under-mattress storage unit for “as many as 32 rifles and 70 hand guns” if its makers are to be believed. It’s guaranteed for life and has a “carefully designed tamper proof hidden storage system.” Hopefully you'll be able to easily access your own arsenal in the event of an unexpected attack.

Or, if you’re desperate for safety, you could just not bother filling it up with weaponry and use it as a panic room instead. Or somewhere to just go to get a bit of peace and quiet away from your family.

It’s guaranteed for life – however long that might be…

[via Unique Daily]


  • Mike e.
    I always use my 'weapon' under the covers...
  • inflatable p.
    Every time I’m near vodka I apologize to gin. One night recently, I enjoyed three of Hanger One’s citrus-infused vodkas: Buddha’s hand, mandarin blossom, and kaffir lime. Really excellent stuff, especially the first. I felt so bad that I had to drink a lot of gin afterward. Not a great idea, but perhaps a good one…

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