The Ass That's Filled With Cool, Refreshing Smokes

It’s the time of year when thousands of us try to change our lives for the better and give up smoking. We all know the various methods – will power, nicotine patches, chewing gum, ECT treatment, heroin – some work better than others.

Here’s a new one – having your fags dispensed from out of a donkey’s arse. It’s one out of leftfield but the sight of your delicious smokes emerging from an raggy old donkey’s poop-house might just be the thing that makes you turn your back on the tabs forever.

Stockist Archie McPhee have even put together a handy demonstration video as well. Brace yourself for the horrifying twist right at the end though.


  • thebawp
    I'm sure this featured on an episode of So Graham Norton years and years back...
  • Amanda H.
    Yeah, but it wasn't a donkeys arse the fags were coming out of. Ooops.
  • Joff
    If BW had been going for longer, I'm sure this would have been a repost. For more stupid um... "things", goto There, that's my gift to you all (the link, not the donkey).
  • Bob
    Do adverts pay for this site now?
  • ODB
    we had one of these at uni about 7 years back from the gadget shop
  • Noghar
    My neighbours had one of these when I was babysitting for them... that was back in the Seventies. It's a great way to let your fags go stale.
  • Amanda H.
    Yeah, cause stale fags are bad for you.

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