The Apple MacBook range: Newer! Faster! Cheaper! (sort of)

Apple have delivered the news that'll have fanboys up all night in the forums. Steve Jobs has just finished the keynote speech that launched a new range of MacBooks, packed full of new technology. As you can see, the world and his wife is trying to see the shiny on the Apple website, but we've gone and broken it. Gah. Anyway, here's the skinny from the last 90 minutes:

- The standard white 13 inch MacBook we've come to know and love has been tweaked and is now at the super-low price of $999 in the US (plus tax). Compare that to the UK price of £719 - there's a difference of around £140. Hmm.

- What's new? Aluminum, that's what. The new 13 inch MacBook comes in a thinner, super-light, single-piece aluminum casing, with a glass screen and LED back-lighting for super-colourful images. There's also a glass touchpad that doubles for the button. Mmm. Button. US price -$1299. UK price - £949. Nearly £200 difference.

- The new 15 inch MacBook Pro enjoys the same refinements and retails for $1999 or £1399. The 17 inch version is a souped-up version of the current model - $2,799 or £1,949.

- The MacBook Air has seen a few tweaks too, and there are upgraded versions of both the new 13" MacBook and 15 inch MacBook Pro available for a few dollars more

So the big news, for US consumers at least, is the availability of a MacBook for under a thousand dollars. The headline for UK consumers is, as always, is why Apple insist on building shiny things we're bound to want, then take our eyes out at the tills? Damn you, Jobs.


  • J.hardy
    Mmmhm, new pretty Apple aesthetics.
  • Dixons B.
    [...] you’re a little irritated by Apple’s seemingly unfair approach to pricing on its new MacBook range, rest assured you’re not the only one. Quite how a tarted up old-style white MacBook can jump [...]
  • jen
    I'm so upset that they're phasing out the matte screens!
  • The B.
    [...] buy in the EU, so that you have 14 days to refund when the new Apple gear confirmed at the Apple Keynote comes out. Make a trip to the istore, don’t waste your time, do something more productive.  [...]

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