The ancient world of The Internet. Part two: eBay, back in 1997

Yesterday we brought you's original homepage, and now, way back when it was known as AuctionWeb, here's a screenshot of how eBay used to look almost 15 years ago. Much friendlier than it does today, eh readers? EH??



  • PokeHerPete
    I wonder what the final value fees were back then
  • Steve
    Ah, happy days... back when you could sell something on eBay without having to pay them 20% and Paypal another 20%. Mind you, as a seller I do feel more part of a community when I sell something there now, I mean you'd be mad to do it if you just wanted to make a proffit.
  • Dick
    Pre 2000 you used to be able to leave feedback for anyone you liked, whether you had bought/sold anything. This guy was a classic ... You could also sell fee free quite easily. You used to be able to use your email address as your username, or it was easy to find the email address out. When someone won a seller's auction or was a runner up, you could just email them and offer them the same item a bit cheaper. Often they accepted the offer and you didn't need to pay fees. How times have changed.
  • PokeHerPete
    "Knock knock. Who's there? Feedback. Feedback who? Feedback Who." Hah
  • Dick
    I like the Barry Manilow one, especially the reply to it.
  • Lace
    Wow thanks for bringing us back in time. 1997 was not too long ago but the developments on the web and tech are massive. Makes you wonder what eBay would look like 10 years from now - perhaps people would shop differently and with different mediums as what we're seeing now.

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