The alternative to the 'sorry you were out' cards

sorry you were out royal mail postman There's few things more irritating than a little red slip from the Royal Mail saying 'sorry, you were out...', especially when you were actually in at the time, meaning that the postie waited for you to go for a poo before silently dropping the card through your letterbox.

Well, the Royal Mail have been looking into all that and now you can nominate a neighbour to receive your parcels for you, if you're not at home. Provided, of course, you trust either your neighbour or the postman to actually try and deliver your package next door.

After a trial in Kent, you'll know be encouraged to nominate a preferred neighbour to receive deliveries if you're not in.

So, from now, the postie will try the address on the label and if no-one answers, they'll knock-on for your neighbour of choice. If they're not in, it'll go back to the sorting office. Sadly, special delivery items and international items aren't included in this, as typically, they need a signature.

Sue Whalley, Royal Mail Chief Operations Officer, said: "For our postmen and women it means that they are even more likely to deliver parcels and letters first time rather than having to take items back to the office."


  • MostPan
    What's new about this? For as long as I can remember our post has been left with a neighbour if we are not in and a note put through our door to let us know. Maybe they just do things a bit differently in Devon & Hampshire.
  • Peter T.
    I'm lucky in that my postie is a near-neighbour so will often drop things off at his house and bring them round to me later. He even signs for things for me sometimes! I realise this probably isn't a solution for the whole of Royal Mail...
  • LD
    Really? For years - my posties and the boys in my Butchers shop always oblige!

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