The alarm clock that believes that time is money

Normally on a Saturday, we bring you a round-up of the special offers that can be found nestling betwixt the pages of that day’s newspapers. Not so today – everyone slept in and by the time we’d got our brains into gear, we felt like it was hardly worth it.

Perhaps we need one of these to help rouse ourselves in the mornings....


It’s an alarm clock with attitude, and a built-in shredder. Place a monetary note into it before you go to sleep and if you press the dreaded snooze button when the alarm goes off, your cash also goes off as well – straight down into the steel teeth of the shredder. Boom – you’re not even awake and already you’re at least a fiver worse off.

Sadly, it’s only at the ‘conceptual’ stage at the moment so you can’t buy one. So why not send some money to us here at Bitterwallet every time you sleep in instead. Thanks.

Oh, and here’s today’s newspaper offers in case you’re interested...



  • Steve (.
    Wow, would want one if I was a billionaire, otherwise its kind of annoying and useless. May have been designed by a former Enron employee who is dissatisfied with the absence of shredding in their new walk of life. Maybe they could get a job at FIFA with mad bribery and document destruction skills.
  • Me
    Isn't it also a legality issue as I believe its a criminal offence to deface and/or destroy the crown's currency
  • My I.
    It's not x-shredder, so you morons can stick the money back together again....just like i stick the CC & bank statements from assholes bins like yours.
  • Fantastic F.
    "just like i stick the CC & bank statements from assholes bins like yours" Man, reading that made my head hurt...

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