The AirFryer - revolutionary appliance, or a lot of hot air?

Given the choice between educating their lardy kids in the ways of healthy eating and exercise, or a way to keep serving up orange food in breadcrumbs that'll kill the children a little slower, parents will invariably choose the path of least resistance. Philips recognised this determined apathy, and so have created the AirFryer.

It looks like a deep fat fryer, until you open the lid and find there's no oil inside. In fact you only need to add a spoonful of oil before cooking; hot air is then circulated around a grill component at high speed, cooking burgers and chicken nuggets in around nine minutes. The result is food that contains up to 80% less fat.

Here's a promotional video that in no way explains the concept:

Philips are quoted as saying they hope to solve the problem of UK's fat-laden diet, but since it's still heavily processed food you're likely to pile into it, it doesn't really address the underlying issue. How much will it cost to have this lard-busting piece of plastic in your kitchen? Between £120 and £200.


  • Amanda H.
    Yeah, like are you pretending you dont know of the Tefal Actifry, or are Phillips paying you a nice backhander in iPhones?
  • The B.
    Certainly sounds like the ActiFry.
  • bushbrother
    Hmmmm, Philips this is OLD! Actifry has been around for a year already! OK, so it doesn't blow air, but does the same job!
  • maxtweenie
    My Tefal Actifry blew up yesterday. Googled it, and it's a fairly common occurrence. Might stop your kid looking like the Pilsbury Doughboy, but they'll probably end up looking like an extra from Night of the Living Dead.
  • Paul S.
    Honestly? Never heard heard of it. Perhaps because I don't have a kitchen full of hopeless shit that sits on top of the cupboards for a year. I learnt that lesson following a breville machine and smoothie maker living in my house for a millennium without being used more than once. I was more interested in the angle that Philips are suggesting this was going to prevent obesity across the nation. Which it isn't.
  • Darren
    The ActiFry sounds like a good Idea, but was on watchdog for a problem they have with catching fire. So hopefully this product is better build quality, as most reviews say they do an amazing job!
  • kev
    wpould a halogen oven not do an equally good job for half the price?
  • Victor K.
    I liked this product so much I bought the company. No, hold on, that was a Remington shaver.
  • Victor K.
    I think therefore Kiam.
  • me
    @ Paul Smith. You might not have a kitchen full of hopeless shit. However I am sure that you have thousands of useless apps on your Iphone and tons of gadgets that have not been touched as well. LOL
  • The B.
    Paul, don't get all uppity, I don't have a kitchen full of useless shit either, it resides under the stairs, there's a Breville, a juicer, a blender (the main blender is in the kitchen but this one crushes ice), a set of shushi knives, an ice cream maker and probably more but I'm hung over again.
  • Chris M.
    You really have excelled yourself here. The Actifry was launched in early 2007, a good 18 months before bitterwallet! This is the news.
  • -]
    It is clearly just an actifry clone, but the actifry is one of the most useless POS I've ever had the misfortune of using. Even the xbox360 has a lower failure rate than those things, so good to see others manufacturing a similar product. It doesn't cook "healthy" food, but 15ml of oil compared to the 3litres used in deep fat frying is healthier.
  • klingelton
    It's a boon for fat cunts like me. (and like BW, I'm all ears when it comes to boons.)
  • Mark C.
    Not surprised they keep blowing up, seeing as heating up small airborne droplets of an accelerant is the basic science behind a petrol bomb. And yes, I too have the sushi set, all sorts of esoteric coffee machines, fondue set and way too many woks.
  • WTF
    So this is a small oven then ? ALSO WTF IS DIS REAL ?
  • Guybrush T.
    WhenI used to deep fat fry chips in my student days- I used to drain the chips. I didn't realise you were suppose to eat them in the oil like some kind of beige soup. So yes this is much healthier- only 15ml of oil.
  • Jim
    It doesn't matter - the oil goes inside the chips. Have you never noticed chips are porous and not actually oil proof
  • -]
    He was cooking steel chips, obviously.
  • lightning101
    They also rip the breadcrumbs and skins off everything apart from chips, kind of negating the pictures of battered onion rings, fish and garlic mushrooms on the side :)
  • Guybrush T.
    But then I used to exercise- you can eat what you want if you get off your fat arse you lazy sods! There was no obesity 10,000 years ago- I would have hunted down the fatties and eaten them. Easy meal :p
  • akiss
    You cant do battered mars bars in this can you?
  • Coleslaw
    @ Jim Not correct. I always seal my chips in teflon before frying them in oil to make them more healthy.
  • Nobby
    We've got an air-con in the office, and I have found that if you remove the extract hose, put a sausage roll inside, then reconnect and turn it on, then the sausage roll heats up to a high enough temperature that you have to blow on it a bit to cool it down. If I remember, next week I will try an uncooked burger in it.
  • MC
    it is a CHEAT!!! it just a small oven, you can buy a small toast oven at $29 in bigw or KMART with same function! why pay $xxx to buy it
  • -]
    Because a small oven doesn't constantly turn the food, ensuring even cooking? If you are going to do normal oven cook you may as well just use the main oven in your house.
  • Ronald
  • Larry L.
    I remember a series of The Apprentice (the last one I think? With the bird with the enormous teeth?) where one of the things they had to advertise on QVC (or wherever) was a thing a bit like this. That was ages ago.
  • Kevin
    Actifry's were also shown on Watchdog as they kept catching fire. I don't think that was too long ago either.
  • bj
    I bet Chuck Norris has one of these.
  • Actifry
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