The agony and ecstasy of shopping at Aldi

On the plus side, it'll make a trip to Aldi bearable, the prices will probably be better than anything your dealer can offer, and you'll have a full list of ingredients on the side of the packaging:

Bitterwallet - Disco Biscuits at Aldi

All the best to avid Bitterwallet reader Martin who is currently dancing at 180 rpm to Talvin Singh in his bedroom. Next week - Jamie Oliver's hands are too big and the floor has melted into the sky after a batch of Sainsbury's Taste The Difference magic mushrooms.


  • TheillegitimatesonofGunn
    I think you'll need to spell this one out, even the smart people aren't getting this non-joke.
  • Joff
    @TheillegitimatesonofGunn Really? You must have had a sheltered upbringing. I can't wait until my Nan offers me a couple of disco biscuits with my tea, oh the hilarity! Speaking of agony of shopping at Aldi, what's with their checkout staff trying to scan 100 items in under 30 seconds? Maybe it's because they've been helping themselves to the stock?
  • TheillegitimatesonofGunn
    Sheltered upbringing? No, we just never bought 'disco biscuits' Still, I fail to see why this particular product is worth of such attention, Most of the 'food' in Aldi/Lidl is no different to this, why not just post the entire contents of your local store and be done with it?
  • Nobby
    > Still, I fail to see why this particular product is worth of such attention. Because it's name is another name for ecstacy.
  • wonky h.
    lol @ TheillegitimatesonofGunn Tell me you're trolling...........
  • wonky h.
    btw, did I mention that I bummed a fox the other night
  • Nobby
    Was it George Clooney? And was he fantastic? PS If there are any fucking retards reading this, and not knowing what I am going on about, George Clooney recently voiced the Fantastic Mr Fox in the film of the same name. Fox, Fantastic, George Clooney, all the clues are there, plus a gay-sex jibe. Now do the same with the story above. Look at the title, read the clues. If you do this, you don't have to post "I think you’ll need to spell this one out, even the smart people aren’t getting this non-joke" as all the clues are there.
  • TheillegitimatesonofGunn
    There's nothing retarded about failing to realize that 'disco biscuits' is another name for ecstacy I'm quite curious to know how most of you people seem to know that little factoid.
  • The B.
    Was it Samantha? Although doesn't she drink from the furry cup now?
  • discobob
    we know about disco biscuits because some of us had a lot of fun when we were younger!
  • andyofyarm
    Fun eh?
  • wonky h.
  • Agony e.
    And I thought it was about traipsing all the way to Aldi for a "hot uk deal" only to find it wasn't in stock.
  • ian9outof10
    I feel no sense of shame in admitting that I didn't know "disco biscuits" was another name for E. But then, most of the idiotic sex-terms on Urban Dictionary are new to me too. This is no doubt hilarious if you're a drugged-up retard. For functioning members of society, it's just another one that goes over our heads.
  • wonky h.
    @Nobby I've since found out that it was Lily Cole.
  • discobob
    @ian9outof10.I dont see how you're a retard if "drugged up", slightly wobbly maybe but retarded? perhaps you read the Daily Mail as well....oh..and get a life
  • disconotatall
    ooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr handbags at the ready!!!
  • wonky h.
    calm down calm down , ian9outof10 does list himself as "....all-round pain in the arse", so it's quite normal for him.
  • Nobby
    @Wonky Henry - you lucky bastard. @ian9outof10 - look at the clues though. Ecstasy, dealer, dancing at 180 rpm, the floor has melted into the sky, magic mushrooms. There are some clues in the story that it might be drug related.
  • Mo
    Must be for people of a certain age I mean disco biscuits omfd not everyone reading bitter wallet was born in the 60's you guys are like the dinosaurs and we all know what happened to them....maybe I should send in a picture of a malteaser I mean some people call that or maybe the colour green hmmm too many decisions ....
  • Paul S.
    Oddly, nobody working on Bitterwallet was born in the 60s. Or the 50s, for that matter. Or earlier. Some of you have led a more sheltered life than others. Some of you found it funny. That's ok.
  • ian9outof10
    discobob, does "getting a life" mean I need to do drugs and learn every possible dickhead slang for drugs? If so, I'll skip. Well done for assuming I'm a Mail reader though, I suppose it's a reasonable reaction to me suggesting users of E are retards. Oh, and kiss my satchel.
  • Junglistareyouready?
    180rpm? To Talvin Singh? I think someone needs to get their references right. In a similar vein, I'm off to watch someone display themselves lewdly via video on Facebook.......
  • dunfyboy
    I pointed these out to the GF one time when we had to go to Aldi's, however I assume they taste like shit.
  • Paul S.
    Junglistareyouready? - it was deliberate; I didn't say Talvin Singh was 180 bpm, but that avid Bitterwallet Martin was dancing at 180bpm to Talvin Singh, on account of being off his tits on disco biscuits. I remember some crazy-bastard tabla action on OK, but otherwise he's an easy listen.
  • Judy F.
    Disco biscuits taste lush. Oh and lick my gamon hangers!
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  • Dave S.
    mmmmm mmmmm mmmm mmm Disco biscuits almost as good as Oblongs and chunky chicken soap...... Mmmmm Judy, i love Gammon and especially when its hanging mmmmmmm mmmm mmmmmmm!!!!
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