That's a bad sign...

It’s one thing when you fancy a coffee and your caffeine-dealing establishment of choice is closed. It’s another thing altogether when they broadcast the fact by sticking a card in the door featuring nothing but a wretched pun.

That’s the business strategy of Puccino's in Berkhampsted train station, as witnessed earlier by still-thirsty BW reader Simon Ricketts.

Look at it. Just bloody well look at it. Wars have been declared over less impudence….



  • No m.
    Really???? News????? Really????
    • Andy D.
      Nope. That's why it isn't in the 'news' category.
  • Joff
    BW has categories?! ????
  • Andre
    Goto Archives Joff then look for Archives by Subject.
  • Andrew D.
    I think it's brilliant. Provided it's not too common, I'd love it even if I was gasping for a cuppa.

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