Thanks for all the hot love, dear readers

Bitterwallet - Shorty Award FinalistsIt's nice to be loved, even if the love we usually receive from our avid readers is the sort meated out in prison. Still, plenty of you expressed affection for your favourite consumer-themed blog called Bitterwallet, and as a result we're delighted to be finalist in the 2011 Shorty Awards.

They're awards dished out to folks and businesses for their exceptional use of Twitter, or in the case of celebrities, people who who happen to have a Twitter account and never use it. Regardless, through our baiting of Americans and squabbling with PR types, we've been recognised for our shouty, incoherent efforts.

We doubt we'll win the glassware - there's a US talk show host and some Forex trader dude ahead of us - but we're happy for the nomination, and pleased to feel the love. As for the rest of you, in the words of Ari Gold - let's hug it out, bitches.


  • Herp D.
    I submitted this blog as a joke, you only need a few hundred votes to win it so I knew you had no chance
  • Mike H.
    @ Herp Derp - I hope that is your real name. You must have cool parents.

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