Tesco Woolwich is right ugly say experts

tesco woolwich Pride for Woolwich now, as their Tesco has just been crowned the winner of an award!

Except this one is for Building Design's Carbuncle Cup, which is handed out to architecture that is “unforgivably bad and deserve(s) to be named and shamed“.


The development at Woolwich Central is managed and owned by Spenhill, who in turn are owned by Tesco, and it offers a Tesco Extra across the first eight floors teamed with 189 apartments of one, two and three bedroom variations, above that.

It must be said, the judges delivered some champion shade, when describing the building: "Camouflage comes in the way of some truly diabolical cladding and a massing strategy that seems to have been directly inspired by the 1948 Berlin blockade; we can only hope that residential leases come with free airlift."

One of the panel, Prince Charles's architectural adviser, Hank Dittmar aced that with "too much for the site, for the area and for the eye".

An unnamed spokesman for the architects, was having none of it, saying "the aim was to create a cohesive piece of strong architecture that unlocked this vast space and established a desirable place to live".

But then he would.

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