Tesco warehouse staff wear tracking devices as they pick your horsemeat dinners

Tesco don’t seem to know what’s inside their ‘beef’-filled ready meals, but they know exactly what their warehouse staff are up to at any given moment, thanks to tracking devices that they are made to wear on their arms.

The arm-band devices monitor the performance of order pickers and log whenever they take a break or nip to the toilet. The devices also instruct the droids… erm… workers on how to pick their orders for delivery.

Scores are totted up for various achievements, like in a computer game, with extra points added for high-speed performance. A former picker told the Irish Independent that staff were under pressure due to the devices and were sometimes bewildered by the scores they were given.

So there you have it – Tesco know every movement of their warehouse workers, but have been feeding customers horse meat instead of beef because nobody bothered to check. Every little helps, eh? (we’re not sure if that makes sense)


  • Her L.
    Who needs management when you have the machine. First.
  • Tony
    Plenty of other large companies also use this system btw. Welcome to the future!
  • Englebert.Humperdinck
    Most companies warehouse staff have these, they are worn on the forearm and usually have a scanner attached to your finger. They are to replace the old handheld scanners or RDT's as they are known so this way your hands are free. There are multiple purposes behind them, not just tracking the staff. It tells you how efficient the warehouse is really, fast moving lines in the wrong place and therefore taking more time etc. Amazon, Securicor, Parcelforce, Screwfix, DPD, etc etc etc all use them
  • Dick
    Do they get points for stopping at the sinks after using the toilet?
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Call centre staff are similarly tracked. Everything runs through the computer, you have to put in the appropriate code when you are not taking calls (e.g. updating records, taking a comfort break) and they come down on you if you dare take too long off the phone.
  • catweazle
    It's a pity they can't use these devices to track Tesco.com orders to in-store delivery, according to their system, my order's still on the van 3 weeks after I collected it.
  • Sicknote
    I really don't blame Tesco for this move. Let's be brutally honest here......if you spent all your school years being a cunt, acting the class clown and then leaving with fuck all qualifications then in my opinion you need constant supervising or you'll be wanking your gentlemen's relish all over my crusty white loaf. He who is the fucking dunce works at at tESco suPermARkets....
  • OoOoooH Y.
    lol @ sicknote what a wanker but true!
  • Strawbear
    So if you're having a crafty wank in the toilets do they think you're picking at double speed and pay you more? Seriously though, democracy's looking more and more like a dictatorship every day.
  • Ivana s.
    How in the fuck is this news??? Openreach (BT's engineering arm) have GPS trackers fitted to vans so that they know that engineers are where they are meant to be. If fuckwits didn't skive and shimf away from work companies wouldn't need to enforce this sort of thing. If your doing the work you should be then you have nothing to worry about.

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