Tesco to offer drive-by mobile coupons?

tesco Tesco are still playing catch-up after all that accounting trouble (and some) and of course, have seen their market share being eaten away by Lidl and Aldi.

One of the things they're weighing-up, in a bid to win everyone over, is mobile coupons, which they'll send to customers as they walk past their stores. Tesco have buddied-up with mobile marketing firm Weve, and they want to target commuters and tourists as they wander by the new concept shop in Villiers Street in Central London.

Tesco used Weve to spot a number of 40,000 shoppers who'd either walked past the store six times over a fortnight, or who had walked in-and-out of Embankment tube station - they then sent coupons to them to get money off in the shop.

Those who accepted the offer redeem the coupon by scanning it with their shopping at a self-service till.

It seems like the trial was popular enough for Tesco and Weve to consider rolling this out across the country, but there's likely to be a second trial somewhere before anything is made concrete.

A spokeswoman told Marketing: "We're always looking for ways to make it easier and simpler for our customers to shop with us. That's why we trialled texting local customers with some money off coupons to introduce them to our new food to go store at Villiers Street. We're really looking forward to hearing their feedback."

This is a bit of positive news which comes in the wake of the retailer facing a "substantial" shareholder damages claim which was set up by American law firm Scott & Scott to look at legal action in the UK and Europe and, in a statement, said that it intends to "pursue claims vigorously on behalf of affected shareholders."

A lot of investors want compensating for Tesco's mess.

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  • Loafer1946
    Tesco send me coupons for stuff I bought in Morrisons, (I have storecards for both) creepy but useful.

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