Tesco throws a strop and changes its Price Check again as ASDA chuckles into its sleeve

tescoJust in case you are frantically scouring the internet to find something that *doesn't* have anything to do with some random nuptials today, we are here to ease your suffering.

Yesterday, supermarket giant Tesco announced that they are changing their Price Check scheme for the second time in as many months. Launched at the start of March, Tesco offered double the difference refunds to shoppers who could buy identical products cheaper at ASDA. However, three weeks into the campaign, the maximum cashback was capped at £20. Now, the double the difference has been scrapped altogether, and you will just get the difference back. In vouchers. So you may as well shop at ASDA...

Tesco's press release refers to "a cottage industry of savvy and determined people" who are manipulating the scheme "just to make money". While they "commend their ingenuity and determination, but that wasn’t why we set up Price Check". They are changing the scheme now "to protect the scheme for the majority of our customers". Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it is costing them too much money then.

The problem is that this huge retailer, who reported annual profits of £3.8 billion last week, didn't see this coming. As Bitter Wallet readers will know, consumers are far more savvy than Tesco gave them credit for, and news of which products could be purchased cheaper at ASDA spread like wildfire across the internet via forums, Facebook and Twitter. Money saving expert afficionados were boasting about their gains, one member reportedly spending £126 at Tesco on a shop that would have cost £81 at Asda, claiming a £90 voucher. So now Tesco have chucked the whole scheme in the bin. Along with their toys out of the pram.

Good job "Every Little Helps" eh.


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    [...] those of you still reeling from the news that Tesco are not, actually, in the business of saving you as much money as they can, do not fear. Sainsbury’s are here to step into the sweaty lycra outfit of shopper’s [...]
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