Tesco shoppers huffed by man dying in aisle

tesco NEW It seems that there are some things that shoppers won’t accept being put in their paths as they try to snap up bargains – even a dying man. Or at least that’s what happened in a Gillingham branch of Tesco on Saturday.

Tragically, a man in his 40s collapsed with a suspected heart attack and was later pronounced dead, but there was said to be some dissent from shoppers when the aisle that he was in was closed off while he was treated. Well, obviously – it was a race against time before the snow came.

One female customer ‘told’ Metro: “Some people behaved absolutely disgustingly. It was shocking and dreadful. They were the sort of people that were panic-buying and filling their trolleys to the top. Surely a man’s life is more important than anyone’s shopping? The staff were doing their best to protect the scene from prying eyes."

Were you in the Tesco at the time of the incident? Did you see anything untoward? Well don’t tell us about it – what are you, some kind of GHOUL??


  • Fat B.
    Gillingham is the anus of kent
  • Numpty D.
    Was he in the brown bread aisle?
  • Dick
    If it was real, there would be a video on youtube by now.
  • Rob
    @Fat Uncle Buck ...and Kent itself the anus of England.
  • Tim
    Wonders if Tesco staff then took down his details of where he lived, thinking maybe they can get his house and open an Express there.
  • JD64
    Probably in the Tesco Value sausages by now.
  • Neil
    Having been in Tesco just after it happened, I wonder if the so called jokers and their oh so funny comments would like to repeat them to the family of the poor sod that died. Sick b*stards.
  • aisle m.
    Sorry Neil, i don't think these jokers repeating their awful remarks directly to the deceased man's family will help in the slightest. And secondly, that 'poor sod' had a name. No sniggering you lot, this is serious!
  • Francis J.
    Sorry Neil but I take offence at this constant use of my surname as a term of abuse for these whitless plonkers. Please refrain from comparing them to my family- we have a proud history going all the way back to the Doomsday book you know.
  • Claire
    I was in Tesco just after it happened too Neil. There were scenes of utter carnage in the aisles with panic-buying. Every man for himself. Which one were you in Neil? I was in the Doncaster Bessacarr Express.
  • Butter M.
    Shop till you drop. I was in Tescos too just after it happened. Grimsby branch. Was wild. Was like a scene out of a hollywood disaster movie about carnage in a supermarket. Only it was set in Grimsby.
  • Mike H.
    I'm sure the BMW/Audi driving TESCO shoppers were willing to stand on his corpse to reach for that last packet of cookies that were on special offer, then complain to staff that some selfish old twat had died in the aisle and was blocking their access to the 3-4-2 cream-crackers. I wouldn't be suprised if one cunt had twated the old fucker over the back of the head with a day old bagguette, as he'd just picked up the last packet of Viscounts! Fucking CUNTS.
  • Eve R.
    Hey, the next time you're at the checkout counter and you hear the beep, think of all the fun you can have on ... ermm ... a flatlining ecg machine?
  • Reggie P.
    @Francis Joker: I take offence at this constant use of my surname as a term of abuse for these Cunting Cunts. Fucking Joker.
  • mrpinkeye
    Having been in Tesco just after it happened, I wonder if the so called jokers and their oh so funny comments would like to repeat them to the family of the poor sod that died. Sick b*stards. THERES ALWAYS ONE!
  • jeff c.
    @ reggie plonker I take offense at the constant use of my family surname as a term of abuse for these witless fuckers. silly plonkers!
  • Boofles
    @Neil Welcome to Bitterwallet, where prejudice keyboard warriors that are angry with life come to make fun of dead people, in between jerking off and crying. That reminds me...
  • Neil
    I have passed on my best wishes to the deceased's relatives, and apologise on behalf of The Bitterwallet. Unfortunately, they were not willing to relinquish the last BOGGOF packet of mint Viscounts the old bastard was clenching at the time of his demise. Last time I pretend I'm a decent human being! Old CUNT!
  • Dick
    What does the extra G stand for in BOGGOF?
  • Spanks
    Sometimes comments should be removed.
  • Capability B.
    I think allowing such idiotic comments to be posted devalues this site completely.
  • Felacio N.
    This site has value?
  • Aldred I.
    @Cunts Sir, you are a cad and bounder of the worst order to denigrate my ancestors in such a way and I will have none of it. My Great great great grandmother Bushey Witless-Fucker was famed for her generous etc. etc.
  • Rebs
    Hiya everyone, Im his daughters best friend and this is true and some of the comments people made are absoloutley disgraceful and id like to see them go through this if they think its so easy! Thankyou for all the lovely comments though!<3<3
  • Tesco E.
    Harry Redknapp will be closing aisle 12 at a TESCO EXTRA store on the 16th August 2012.
  • E
    Your all cunts!!!! Your comments are fucking disgusting! How can you make jokes about some poor gentleman dying? What if that happened to you or one of the members of your family?
  • Laughing C.
    Some people are taking this too seriously. Yes a man died, but life goes on. You don't see people stop making jokes about gaddafi and Tesco's really need to work on their slogan "Every little helps".
  • Gabriella
    Your all sick it is true, it's not funny and whilst Medway isn't a great area Kent is far better than most of the dump that makes up the United Kingdom
  • Sicknote
    There you go; simply add any Tesco branch + Gillingham (in this case) and you'll get scumbag shopping central. Avoid like herpes.
  • Mustapha S.
    Poor git. Must have seen the price of their Cherries. Robbing bastards.
    I understand he was shopping to make a home made pizza. He bought the base, mozzerella, pepperoni, ancovies, ham and mushrooms. its widely believed he topped himself!!!
  • Carol D.
    What sick bunch of idiots you are that poor man DID DIE in the bread isle of Tescos Gillingham and it is Not a [email protected]#$ng joke the family lost a husband/father on that saturday. God help any of you if it ever happens to you or your family
  • Cat
    I WANT THIS REMOVED! How can you let people write about our family like this, what sort of website is this! Disgusting

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