Tesco restricting the sale of fruit to under 18s?

Photo: John Allen / SWNS.com
Photo: John Allen / SWNS.com

Back in the good old days, ID wasn’t A Thing and you could buy alcohol in clubs and pubs no matter what age you were, provided you were wearing enough make up. Now, of course, the situation is entirely different (never mind kids) and, among women of a certain age, it’s actually a sought-after feather in your cap to be asked for ID when clearly way wrinklier than even a 'challenge' 25 year old should be.

Take the case of Plymouth resident Kate Lancaster, 37, who was recently ID’d in her local Tesco store. However, she was not buying gin, or beer, or even liqueur chocolates when she got ID’d. No. she was buying a £1 pot of melon and grapes.

Miss Lancaster was using the self-service tills which flagged the item as needing approval and a staff member had to come and clear the item to allow Miss Lancaster’s purchase. However, intrigued by what could possibly be the problem with a small pot of fruit, when she got home she sent an email to Tesco asking why it needed clearance.

Tesco sent an email reply, which said: "Don't quote me on this, but I have heard a rumour that all fruit will be age verified ongoing in case natural fermentation takes place."

Miss Lancaster said the idea was "crazy" and goes against policies to encourage children to eat more fruit and veg.

She said:"They would be doing the exact opposite to what is recommended, they promote healthy eating in kids. Me and my friend chatted about it at work and I really wanted to get a response on it because it's crazy."

However, it wasn’t until Miss Lancaster posted on Tesco's Facebook page on Monday asking them to clarify the policy that she was eventually told it had all been a big mistake.

A Tesco spokesman said: "Our customer service colleague's comment about natural fermentation was meant as a joke - we're sorry if it was taken literally. Of course we have no plans to age restrict fruit sales.”

As a gesture of entirely non-ironic goodwill Tesco are now sending a gift to Miss Lancaster. She’s getting a fruit basket.


  • bill
    My partner got ID'd for cooked chicken in asda this week. Self checkout flagged it up as approval needed. wot.
  • DrJogalog
    Well if she believed that, she is clearly an idiot and should't be shopping on her own. Looks like she should buy more fruit instead of pies and chocolate anyway.
  • Chewbacca R.
    What a wrinkly old bint for even thinking Tesco's email response was genuine.
  • Father J.
    A picture of some fruit and a vegetable then.

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