Tesco Reading ready to rock

tesco.jpg small Well Tesco in Reading certainly know their market in advance of the Reading Festival.

The Reading branch of the superstore have geared up for this weekend's annual A-Level knees-up by replacing everything with booze.

Approximately four aisles of the West Extra branch are currently loaded up with alcohol.

And if you wanted an avocado or light leaf mix bag, you'll be disappointed, as that's now home to vodka and Jägermeister.

The festival, which has been going since around 1654 or something, usually sees revellers turn up on Thursday ahead of the three day affair, and once camped they're soon on the prowl for refreshments.

This year's event features Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, The Horrors, Disclosure and all that sort of thing, and traditionally tends to attract a more rough and ready younger set than the likes of Glastonbury.

A spokesperson for Tesco said they were expecting to serve 35,000 customers each day.

"We know from previous years just how important our store is to those attending the festival and we're working really hard to make sure we've got everything they need, including food, wellies, tents and bedding. We'll continue to stock everything our regular customers need for their normal weekly shop."

Although one would imagine regulars would've got used to it by now and prepared their fun-shelters accordingly.

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  • Keith M.
    That's an unfortunate year you chose, since there was a crackdown on most celebrations throughout the 1650s. I can't imagine Oliver Cromwell signing off on a piss-up, somehow. One could easily be forgiven for thinking it was back on the agenda by 1664, however... :P

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