'Tesco law' arrives at the Co-op

Itesco NEWf you thought the only people you had to dodge at the supermarket were the Big Issue seller and the bloke peddling AA cover, think again. From October there's a change in UK law, and it concerns the law itself. The Legal Services Act comes into effect and one of the consequences is deregulation - it'll allow providers other than law firms and legal eagles to offer legal advice and services.

As Len Dastard eyes up the corner office in preparation for Bitterwallet's new consumer legal operation, Dastard vs Bastards, the Co-op has already started. It's begun a pilot scheme to offer free legal advice from three of its Bristol-based banks to assess demand.

Banks are likely to have more credibility in attracting customers than the likes of supermarkets, which will also be able to offer legal services. Several high street brands trialled services last year, but just one in 20 customers polled at the time said that Tesco would be a brand they'd trust for legal advice.

This aspect of the Legal Services Act has been coined 'Tesco law' because it's expected that several high street outlets will attempt to flog their legal wares to customers. When the ASDA delivery truck becomes an ambulance chaser, will you be hiring a supermarket to represent you?


  • Alexis
    Considering Tesco advertise that they know zero about contract law in every store, I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. http://i47.tinypic.com/1zvsxzt.jpg So that'll be an unenforceable £70 contractual penalty for alleged breach of contract, which bears no relation to actual loss incurred. Tits.
  • Sawyer
    WH Smith is doing the same this summer, although with a decidedly larger pilot scheme. There'll be 150 branches with a stand by "Quality Solicitors", each manned by a legal chappy with an iPad (not sure what that's got to do with it). Starts in July, increasing to 500 branches if successful.
  • Dick
    I just nicked a load of stuff from Tesco and got caught. Can you help me .. Mr Tesco Lawyer?
  • charitynjw
    @ Dick - Bogof! (signed, Mr Tesco lawyer)

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