Tesco given ASBO for mess?

tesco bag Tesco's woes continue, and now, they're looking at an ASBO. That's right - they're getting treated like the kind of wag who drinks cans of Ace in the Ford Capri sat on bricks down the side of their house listening to 50 Cent at full tilt all day.

This is happening because the supermarket behemoth has allegedly failed to deal with litter at one of their stores in Cambridge.

Peter Roberts, a city councillor who works for Waste, Environment & Public Health made the accusations, saying: "We are potentially pursuing a community protection notice against Tesco. We've asked several times they clean their ground as part of the agreement they have with us as the city authority and they continually, despite their claims otherwise, carry on just leaving it."

These Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) are now actually called 'community protection notices' (CPN) - we definitely didn't find that out after one of our writers got in trouble for an ill-advised three day party in their house.

A spokesman for Tesco said: "Contractors will be visiting the site shortly to undertake the necessary works and we will continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis."

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