Tesco flying US beef into the UK to maximise profits

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Tesco are flying in the face of the trend for locally-sourced produce by importing fresh beef from 4,000 miles away and the cow-mad US of America.

British farmers are reportedly enraged by Tesco’s importing of Black Angus beef as it is a direct competitor to Aberdeen Angus and undercuts it on price. Black Angus costs a fraction of the price of its Aberdeen cousin, even when the transportation costs are taken into account.

Additionally, there have been concerns about the use of hormone injections by American farmers (on their cattle as opposed to each other) and there is a formal EU ban on hormone-fuelled beef. Tesco is adamant that its US-sourced beef is hormone free.

Oisin Murnion chairman of the National Beef Association, said: “Farmers on this side of the Atlantic will be annoyed with Tesco. It is extremely important that families buy British beef, not just for reasons of quality but also because it sustains a way of life and the countryside that is enjoyed by all.

“Supermarkets are only interested in the profit they make this week, not the long-term future of farming and food in this country. If they paid a decent farm gate price for beef, production would rise in this country to meet demand.”

What do you lot reckon? Are you bothered about the source of your rib eye steaks and whether or not they might make you grow tits? Or do you only care about the lowest price possible? Tell us…


  • Dick
    > It is extremely important that families buy British beef, not just for reasons of quality but also because it sustains a way of life and the countryside that is enjoyed by all. Much of the beef produced in Britain is not local to me. If it comes from Cornwall or Scotland, it is not local. So why should I buy it to support their communities? If we started intergalactic trading, no doubt US beef would be described as local, and we should buy it to help sustain the way of life for Earthlings, as opposed to just Europeans or the British, or the English, or Yorkshire folk.
  • Boris
    I only eat meat from animals I have killed myself (or at least maimed). I will not touch their freedom obsessed produce unless they bring the cow to me.
  • Marky M.
    Oisin Murnion doesn't sound very British, does he/she? Anyway, a lot of cheap beef in supermarkets already comes from South Africa or China, and animal welfare standards are REALLY high there. Anybody who's been to China will tell you that.
  • LD
    You shouldn't be buying meat in supermarket anyways .....
  • Eric
    I believe, Marky Mark, that Oisin is an Irish name.
  • callum
    Tesco buys what consumers want. Consumers want cheap food and a large proportion of them couldn't care less whether it came from Scotland or the US. The "National Beef Association" can go on all it wants about how buying British beef saves the countryside (haven't heard that one before...) but at the end of the day, they don't care about that, all they are interested in is the profit of their members (who presumably pay a fee to be in this association...), just like Tesco is interested in their profit.
  • Milky
    Shopping at Tesco's sucks cock anyhow, unless you areripping them off via pricedeals such as via HUKD in which cae Tesco's really don't like it! Fuck tesco's get your raggedy arses to Waitrose & REALLY taste the difference!
  • Billy
    What a bunch of moaning fuckers. Not only do the farmers here receive subsidies for keeping such animals, they also want a guaranteed price and buyer for their products. Fuck sake, what world do they live in.
  • Ole
    We should be supporting local (British farmers); it keeps the money in the counntry at least...? Or we could be like Billy and Dick - just be a bunch of cunts.
  • oz
    Farmers asking us to support british agriculture just go and look in the car park at your local auction mart on auction day, not full of brit vehicles Have a look at the machinery, while some use JCB most do not I live in a rural community and count many of the wingers as friends but they are the most tightfisted bunch of whingers, guaranteed income at the taxpayers expense (which other businesses gets that) they care little for the countryside or animals unless it makes them profit. the countryside only looks the way it does cause they are paid, our taxpayers cash to have it that way. and dont start on the common agricultural policy, the biggest single reason for african poverty. or the return of british wildlife after 1 year of no farming after foot and mouth and the gradual decline since. while i bang the drum often for buying british i struggle to come to the same conclusion from brit farmers.
  • Hugh J.
    Fuck Tesco Fuck America Fuck Giles Thank hell that I am still able to buy my meat from the butcher, my fruit and veg from the green grocer and my medication from the local kids. Tesco might be "convenient" but its certainly worth walking few more minutes to get the good stuff. Ive not shopped in Shitsco for years now!
  • The B.
    Sorry, but I buy my beef from Smithfields and it's Argentinian or Brazilian, it's about 1/3 of the price of British, if British beef was even vaguely competitive I'd choose it over foreign but as it stands, no.
  • mortomchar
  • mortomchar
    charlotte smeslls
  • mortomchar
    dom clarke is a loser

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