Tesco causes riots on the streets of Bristol

This is insane. This is footage from a riot that occurred last night in the Stokes Croft, Bristol.

According to Neurobonkers, a blog by a Stokes Croft resident, this is all because of Tesco. For over two years, there has been a well-supported grass-roots campaign to stop the supermarket opening a branch in the neighbourhood. The council agreed to the development regardless of local opposition, and the police have had to escort builders to the site to in order for the store to be built. Last weekend Tesco opened and Stokes Croft has seen non-stop protests ever since.

From Neurobonkers' eye-witness account:

"...numerous burning barricades were erected and a huge amount of people were battered and bloodied by police for attempting to approach police lines to get home of find friends. By this point there was devastation everywhere. All junctions were blocked by overturned glass bottle dumpsters and makeshift neighbourhood roadblocks.

"...the police started making arrests and then all hell broke loose. Missiles began coming down from Telepathic Heights [a well known local building], the starting point of the problem and police brought out dogs to clear people from the street, quite a few got bitten. Meanwhile a lot of police vans had their tyres let out. At that point the dogs retreated and the convoy of about 10 vans that were surrounded drove at speed through the crowd clipping a large number of people on their way out. Both Tesco and Telepathic Heights were abandoned by the police."

Avon and Somerset constabulary said last night:

"Police arrested three people on suspicion of public order offences and another person on suspicion of threats to cause criminal damage with intent to endanger life. Police seized a number of items –including possible petrol bombs - from the property."


  • Dr D.
    This stinks. "The council agreed to the development regardless of local opposition." I don't doubt that there were a few backhanders to push the deal through. I'm glad that the public are standing up for their town, what other (realistic) options were they given? I am sorry people got hurt though.
  • Vonster
    just to clarify...the riot was not caused by people opposing Tescos. it started when the police had "intel" about petrol bombs at Telepathic Heights, the squat opposite. as they were leaving the violence erupted and tescos got caught up in the fray. I think it's important to get ones facts straight!
  • FFS
    Oh look, a bunch of scummers doing what they want to do- namely, be violent scum- under the pretence of having a legitimate cause.
  • zeddy
    Round up the shiftless layabout bastards and have them do continuous community service until they find a job. It's your money that will pay for the repair to the Police Jeep.
  • Local
    It isn't all local residents who are opposed. Just a small vocal minority who are too into their hippy squatting shit to actually care about the community. Tollerate the massage parlours in the area but as soon as Tesco opens BAM riot. great.
  • Bificus
    "Round up the shiftless layabout bastards and have them do continuous community service until they find a job." Jobs which Tesco's would have created, ironically!
  • james d.
    They could protest quite effectively by not shopping there.
  • Danny
    This is quite pathetic tbh. These people need to get a life.
  • Troll
    Sorry but who leaves a Police jeep in the middle of violent mob? planted much?
  • Kevin P.
    Any excuse to cause some mayhem.So what if a Tesco store opens.If you dont like it then dont use it. What we have is a bunch of unemployed bored vandals [so called "anarchists" who probably cant even spell the word let alone know its meaning] looking for their next excuse to create some trouble and make their lives a little more interesting. At best these people are pathetic.
  • Brody 1.
    It's OK their taxes will pay for the damage to the Police Land Rover, oh.........
  • Fred
    boo hoo, what about my taxes wah wah wah, I'm going to write an angry little internet message on the internet rather than try and stop for a couple of seconds and think why riots happen in some times, and some places, and not others. I tell you where more your taxes are being wasted, on the olympic games, on royal weddings and on bombing half the world. I'm disgusted my taxes will be going to such a sorry bunch of people as you lot!
  • zeddy
    Fred: Good for you! You pay taxes. "I’m going to write an angry little internet message on the internet" Irony isn't your strong point, is it?
  • For s.
    I blame the demise of farriers on petrol stations. I blame the apes for the demise of the dinosaurs. And of course gas lights would be a lot more popular if electricity had been stopped dead in its tracks. I think it is about time the government put a stop to free enterprise, progress and rolled back everything we as a society have achieved since the black death. Yeh, right, like shit I do. It only stands to reason if you stop improvements in living conditions, employment and progress generally then our society will stagnate. If that happens we are doomed. For f sake get real you tossers with bricks, think of the others in your community like the old who want to be able to afford a tin of spaghetti hoops without being fleeced by those selfish bastards hanging on to yesterday's business model. Local businesses needs to adapt or die. Try serving your customer's needs rather than doing this shit, because if if ain't Tesco who expose your complacent business practices then it will be someone else.
  • klingelton
    "just to clarify…the riot was not caused by people opposing Tescos. it started when the police had “intel” about petrol bombs at Telepathic Heights." Oh come on - what thug can afford to fill a litre bottle of petrol any more!

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