Tesco buys Blinkbox - will Tesco TV take the fight to Sky?

It's been confirmed by numerous sources in the press and the industry that Tesco has bought an 80% share in Blinkbox, the movie and TV streaming website with more than two million visitors per month.
Bitterwallet - tesco logoIt's far too early to say what Tesco's plans are, but it seems likely the supermarket will deliver a new Tesco-branded streaming television product to the mainstream market. Rather than create their own technology and infrastructure, Tesco has a history of utilising the efforts of a successful company (O2 for mobile, Carsite for tescocars.com) to build a mass-market platform on top of it.

Blinkbox currently allows users to rent films and television programmes, and is available online and  via set-top media browsers along with the likes of the BBC iPlayer and loveFILM. Hardware would undoubtedly be another area of the market that Tesco look to seize, since streaming set-top boxes aren't mainstream products just yet.

What's more, Tesco isn't short of money and has the mainstream reach to acquire market share quickly; together with their mobile and broadband services, is this the first step towards Tesco squaring up to the likes of Virgin and Sky to deliver home entertainment in the future?


  • LanceVance
    Tesco Value channel, nuff said!!
  • james D.
    Maybe tesco will buy zotac next.
  • Hugh J.
    Well that’s my Blinkbox account deleted. No way am I letting Tesco have even more of my personal details. Do you know how hard it is to get your details off their clubcard system? its near impossible! Anyway, BlinkBox, a wonderful brand, and now its about to get shat on by the nazi bastards at Tesco. Look at how many things Tesco has already fucked up.. Well done BlinkBox! Sorry to leave you, I actually am, had some great movies from you. Oh well.. plenty more!

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