Tesco allows customers to wear PJs, but only if you're famous

So outraged was the Daily Mail by a branch of Tesco banning customers from wearing nightwear in-store, that they've had some poor bastard trawling through archives all weekend for definitive proof that dressing gowns and pajamas are allowed. And finally, after reviewing television commercials from three years ago, the Mail got its story. Behold! Martin Clunes in the fresh produce section! In his jim-jams! He's a wizard! Burn the wizard!
Bitterwallet - Martin Clunes is an evil wizrd in Tesco
It's not quite as thrilling as definitive proof of Sasquatch, but if you an avid reader of the Daily Mail or other third-rate self-important publications (Bitterwallet, for example) then no doubt you'll be chortling about it til bedtime. The story has no comments yet, but we imagine they'll be more incensed about the member of staff and what's he doing in our country, anyway?

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  • Wilko
    If the chavs want to wear PJ's in Tesco, I say let them. It gives us someone to point at and laugh. It's pathetic - you lazy wankers, just stick some bloody clothes on! It only takes 10 seconds!
  • Pedant
    Bah, i'm going to have to hang around Asda now to get my "PJ Porn" jollies. DAMN YOU TESCO!!!
  • David
    I find it fuckin beyond belief that these lazy benefit scrounging skanky women think that going to Tesco in Pyjamas is acceptable. And then they are happy to admit to the whole of the country via the Sun newspaper that YES I am infact a trampy bitch that goes round Tesco in her PJs. Complaining that they dont have enough time to get the kids ready and get changed themselves, PLEASE! Its a good job that your benefits are paid direct into the bank now, saves you having to queue for your fuckin GIRO in PJs too. Shameless is not the word.
  • paul
    I heard some pathetic women being interviewed on R4 the other day moaning she'd been kicked out of her local supermarket for wearing PJ's. Her main gripe 'Just popped in at 10 in the morning to buy some fags, no time to get dressed'! Lazy scrounging scumbags like these should be put down!
  • Mr. (.
    Paul - if that's the same one I heard on bbc website, she sounds like a groupie for the goldie lookin chain and counts 10.30-11am as really early in the morning. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/8485559.stm You don't even need video to know she's got the massive hoop earrings, dangly clown chain, 2-tone hair pulled into the tightest topknot imaginable and thinks dressin fancy is putting on clean trackie bottoms.
  • LanceVance
    Lets just go the whole hog and kill anyone that shops in Tesco. Nuff said.
  • maxtweenie
    @LanceVance; And put Jeremy Kyle out of work?
  • The B.
    People that shop in Tesco = Labour voters, it's aw abaar are youman rites init.
  • @
    tesco customers are labour voters? labour care about human rights?
  • Jack
    Hahah how rough did Elaine look? No wonder she was kicked out. What a pathetic lady to complain when she was kicked out for shopping around in her smelly semen stained pyjamas.
  • Jack
    Oh no, I've just heard the clip now! Somene from Caaaaardiff shopping around for "jus' a packed o' fags". And she does it regularly. Society is going down hill. Quote of the day - "Pyjammas are pyjammas" and "You wear your best pyjamas when going to buy cigarettes"
  • Kevin
    It's the scummy chavvy welsh slags that are banned from wearing pj's in Tescos. Normal people are fine. Tescos is low rent, but there is a limit. That woman they interviewed should be culled to help save society. Mind you didn't she say she's already got kids? Maybe it's too late.
  • Puzzled B.
    [...] it was the pyjama ban, and now, one poor sod who went to the Tesco at Cannon Park in Coventry got IDed for some [...]

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