Ten of the best with Bitterwallet’s week that was…

Right then, it’s been a busy week here, as thousands of new readers have popped by as they looked for a way out of their Orange mobile contracts.

As well as a look back at that glorious saga, here’s some of the other groovy stuff they might have missed…

The Orange cancellation saga rumbled on back on Monday – Ofcom refuted the bollocks that was being spouted by Orange’s customer service wonks.

Meanwhile, Vince was trying to watch all the telly, all the time, just by using his netbook.

Then, Orange backtracked, scrapped plans for price increases and everything went back to how it was – admittedly with a huge amount of ill-will aimed at the mobile provider.

The footballer who wants to tell his fellow idiots players who won’t rip them off of their barely-earned millions.

Free wi-fi in Starbucks – here it comes!

So now you can sit and drink your skinny latte and stare at this footage of a revolving pepperoni pizza.

It’s got to be better than this minced chicken horrorshow from the 1980s Soviet Union.

Legal highs that are no more than possibly-dangerous chemicals could soon be banned.

Our weekly poll – tell us who the WORST budget airline is.

Dell’s new smartphone looks like it’ll be sold only in China. The rest of the world struggles to care.


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